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BKC UH-TK219 review

BKC UH-TK219 Review

BKC UH-TK219 review

Buying a fishing kayak isn’t an easy choice. For starters, there are a lot of variables and features you must consider, and it gets increasingly difficult when you look at all the options you have available on the market nowadays. Also, there are many manufacturers that include a whole lot of features that people will seldom use, just to boast that they have X more features than another brand.

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This doesn’t help consumers a lot – it actually makes things even harder for them. Some manufacturers, such as Brooklyn Kayak Company, have figured this out, and taken it into account when making their products. A prime example of this is their UH-TK219 kayak. It’s a large, sit-on-top tandem kayak which gives you all the essentials a fishing kayak should have. It does have a couple of extras over other manufacturers, of course, but they’re all things that you would genuinely need and use – not just gimmicks that are there for the sake of being there.

So, should you be looking at this kayak for your next purchase, or should you look for something else? Read through our BKC UH-TK219 review, and find out.

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Build quality and construction

To begin with, the UH-TK219 has quite a reputation to live up to – BKC are a well-renowned kayak company. The build quality absolutely lives up to the hype. The material of choice for the hull is HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, which is very popular with kayaks. It is lightweight, yet very strong, to begin with. It’s also impact resistant, which means that smashing your kayak into a rock shouldn’t do more than scratch the hull. Don’t try that, though. Weather and UV resistance is also excellent, so you can be sure that it won’t lose its properties or get damaged over time by simply sitting in your back yard. It’s also resistant to mold and rotting, which adds to its durability, to wrap things up.

The empty kayak weighs around 68 lbs., which is very lightweight for the 12 feet 2 inch tandem behemoth that it is. It comes with a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs., which should be plenty for you to fit in two people and plenty of gear. Or, you could fit three people and the essentials – you get that choice, too. At the same time, it’s comfortable enough for a family of three, yet nimble and lightweight for you to be able to paddle it solo. It actually comes with two of BKC’s deluxe seats, which are very comfortable. There are four carrying handles on the UH-TK219, which makes transportation a breeze if there are two people there, let alone three.

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Why is it so good for fishing?

When you’re getting a fishing kayak, there are a few things that you must look for if you want your fishing experience to go as smoothly as possible. The first is the fishing gear compatibility and availability of mounts, then you have paddle rest options, and last but not least, the cargo area.

The UH-TK219 takes care of the fishing gear very well. In total, there are six rod holders. Four of them are flush-mount, so you can set your fishing rod and forget it, and two of them are adjustable. That means that you can have three people with two lines in the water each – more than you would ever need, right? More mounts than this, and we’re moving out of the “actually useful” category, and going towards “bragging rights”.

Next, let’s discuss the paddles. The UH-TK219 does come with two paddles, which work very well and are just the right dimensions for the kayak at 86”. However, when you’re out on a fishing trip, you’ll actually want a way to store those paddles when your priority are the fishing lines. On the hull of the kayak you will find paddle rests that allow you to secure the paddles to the hull. Unlike other kayaks, your paddles will be secure here, even in rougher waters, or if you happen to bump them, for example.

The last thing we mentioned when looking at a fishing kayak is the cargo area. When shopping, you’ll want to be sure that you have enough room for all of your gear, as well as the fish you might’ve caught, and food and water for your trip out. The BKC UH-TK219 has more than enough room for all of this. At the stern, you will find a cargo area that’s covered in bungee tie-down straps. Larger items, such as your backpack, can be easily stored here, and they’re fairly safe, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. You’ll also have food, and potentially electronics that must remain safe and dry, and bungee cords don’t cut it for them. However, the two watertight storage hatches might do the trick. One of them is at the front, and another one is at the back, so you should have plenty of room for everything. All things considered, you can grab just about anything you need when you’re out on the water.

Wrapping things up – should you get it?

There’s one thing that must be said about the BKC UH-TK219 – it is certainly not for everyone. Some people may even consider it overkill if they prefer going fishing by themselves, while others may want more storage or more rod holders.

However, if you find that it has everything you want, you can rest assured knowing that the quality is more than incredible. Everything on the kayak works as it should, with no problems whatsoever. If you’re looking for a good all-round fishing kayak for you, and maybe a friend or a partner, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better, more complete solution than Brooklyn Kayak Company’s UH-TK219.

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sea eagle 330

Sea Eagle 330 Tandem Review

sea eagle 330

Looking for a one or two person, inflatable kayak suitable for everything from relaxing days on a lake to Class III rapids? The Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Kayak is versatile, comfortable, and easy and fun to use.

The Sea Eagle 330 is a two-person inflatable kayak designed to be easy to carry, inflate, paddle, deflate, and afford. The Sea Eagle holds up to its brand name and reputation of Sea Eagle having one of the best kayak lines. But those are not the only feature this inflatable kayak has; it is also constructed of puncture resistant, extra-thick K-80 polykrylar hull materials, which weigh only 26 pounds. In spite of its light weight, this kayak is actually sturdy enough to carry up to a 500-pound load.

See the Sea Eagle 330 On Sea Eagle Site for $329

The kayak measures 34 inches by 11 feet, two inches long, with a roomy interior measuring 13 inches wide by nine feet, six inches long. It is complete with nine-inch tubes, I-beam construction, and high-frequency welded seams, as well as rated up to Class III white water rapids.

When you purchase the deluxe package, you will additionally get inflatable spray skirts, inflatable front and rear seats, two oars, a reliable foot pump, and a rugged carrying bag to keep it all together with a size of 26 by 48 inch. The bag is constructed of heavy-duty 440-denier nylon.

Features of Sea Eagle 330

sea eagle 330 features

– Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)
– Self-bailing drain valve
– Three deluxe one-way valves
– Lashed down inflatable spray skirts
– I-beam construction floor
– Two skegs on the bottom for better tracking and speed
– Pressure gauge and repair kit
– Bow and stern grab line
– Interior measures 13 inches wide by nine feet, six inches long
– Exterior measures 34 inches wide by 11 feet, two inches long
– Nine-inch tubes
– Two-adult, 500-pound total weight capacity
– 26-pound weight
– Three inflated chambers in port, starboard, and floor
– 33 mil polykrylar hull material
– High frequency welded seams
– Inflated I-beam floor construction
– Assembles and inflated in approximately six minutes


Video Review

See the Sea Eagle 330 On Sea Eagle Site for $329

Sea Eagle 330 – The Positives

sea eagle 330 carry case

When creating the Sea Eagle 330 review the first thing that stood out to us was it was very easy to inflate. As a bonus it came with a large bag that stores it when your done. The fit and finish of the boat is superb. When its was taken on calm lakes and rivers in the south we really got to see how durable it was and how it handled all types of waters without incident. When taken on Section III rapids of lake Chattooga in SC including Bull Sluice and also on the Nantahala including the Falls, the kayak ran very well without any durability issues. Although the manufacturer claimed that the boat is rated up to class III whitewater, it can actually handle water in both class II and III.

carrying the sea eagle 330

As a side note, we recommend looking into alternative paddles, as the included paddles didn’t do a good job compared to other paddles used. Also, install the skeg on the underside of the boat, it will improve the handling of the boat although it is not a make or break addition.
This yak only needs less than 10 minutes to inflate! and its even quicker to pack up! The foot pump which comes with the boat is more than adequate, you don’t need to buy an electric air pump to inflate your boat. However if you want the boat to blow up quickly and faster than the foot pump, you can use the electric air pump which can plug into your car to pump the three chambers, while thats happening to blow up the chairs, you can use the foot pump. The seats and spray guards are a little tricky because of the valves where you have to pinch it at the base and plug it quickly.

paddling the sea eagle 330

The boat feels very durable on the water, but you have to make sure that you have screwed the valves on tightly because if not, the side part of the kayak could deflate.

An interesting anecdote about the boat, is a fellow owner of the Sea Eagle took her Aussie Shepherd dog, which is 50 lb and has unclipped claws, on a 2 hour tour in the harbor, the dog did not leave a single mark or scratch on the kayak although she was all over the place and couldn’t stay still. Durable!

Some owners have boasted that there is a lot of room in the kayak, a 56 year old owner and her husband who is 63 said they could sit comfortably in the boat even had more space to pack a few items.

Many owners are happy with the materials. It is pretty sturdy to a level where it can brush over a few rocks and trees trunks without any issue and even works well in warm seasons.

Sea Eagle 330 Review – The Negatives

The only con is that it is not a professional kayak, as it does not track as well as a professional one, and slightly awkward to paddle due to pontoon like sidewalls.


Deluxe Solo Package – It includes one canoe seat, a canoe paddle along with a repair system, and a pump.

Deluxe Package – This Is Actually just like the very first bundle except it includes a pump, two canoe paddles, two kayaks chairs, and a holding case along with a repair system.

Professional Kayak Offer – The Professional bundle includes a repair kit, 2 canoe paddles, a pump, 2 deluxe canoe chairs along with a carry case.

QuickSail Bundle – This kit allows your canoe to change right into a small sailboat and includes the awesome QuickSail. Additionally, it includes a base push, 2 paddles, 2 deluxe canoe chairs, a hold case along with a repair system.

Should You Buy Sea Eagle 330


Having an outdoor hobby like kayaking could be a storage dilemma. Traditional kayaks or canoes need room or at least a rack for you to store them, while if you want to take them to a local river, you will also need a good vehicle to take it around. Having an inflatable kayak like the 330 pretty much solves both of those problems. It fits easily into the trunk or even on the back seat of your car. Fold it well and put it inside of the large bag after deflating, then place it at the trunk of your car or other utility storage area.

It might be heavy carrying everything in the bag certain distances, especially if you need to go up some steep hills, but this kayak is much easier than a regular canoe or kayak. Overall this kayak is a great buy and it provides the average kayaker everything they need with its space saving benefits and super durable materials this kayak is a no-brainer!


Where to Buy?

See the Sea Eagle 330 On Sea Eagle Site for $329

jory Kleiner Testimonial
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By: Jory Kleiner

If you want to try kayaking but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, if you don’t want the hassle with car top racks and rigid, hard shell kayaks, if you want to be able to take your kayak out of your trunk and put it in the water wherever and whenever the mood arises, and if you want to be able to kayak with a partner, then the Sea Eagle 330 kayak may be just what you’re looking for.

This Sea Eagle kayak is designed with the beginner in mind. First of all, it’s inflatable, folding into the space of a modest sized suitcase. You don’t need a big SUV and a car top rack. Just toss it into the trunk of your car. It’s very easy to set up. Take it out of its bag, unfold it, and inflate it with the included foot pump. In less than 10 minutes you’re ready to put it into the water, and at just 26 pounds, it only takes one person to get it from the shore to the water.

It comes with everything you need to start enjoying the water: a carrying case, pressure gauge and repair kit, foot pump, bow and stern grab lines, inflatable spray skirts, two seats, and two paddles. As an aside here, whatever kayak you consider, you should know that not all come with paddles, and a single paddle can easily set you back from $50 to $100, so the fact that this Sea Eagle inflatable includes paddles is definitely a plus.

For a kayak, the Sea Eagle is quite wide, which makes it very stable. It won’t track like a hard shell kayak, but it won’t flip you into the water. It’s rated for class 3 rapids, but that’s probably overstating its capabilities. It’s best suited for calm lakes and streams. Some say it tracks more like a raft than a kayak, but if you want to spend a relaxing afternoon on the lake and improve your kayaking skills at the same time, this isn’t necessarily a negative.

I do have to admit that the Sea Eagle 330 is a bit tight with two people in it. If you or your potential kayaking buddy is large – over 6 feet tall, this might not be the two person kayak for you. However, if you configure it with the seats facing each other it can be much more comfortable for that larger duo. This seems to boil down to personal preference about how much space you need in an eleven foot long kayak.

Sea Eagle kayaks have been around for about 40 years, so they build a quality water craft. If you want an inexpensive entry level kayak or if you’re looking for a boat that will let you enjoy a relaxing day on the calm waters of your nearest lake or stream and will last for years to come, the Sea Eagle 330 is worth serious consideration.

See the Sea Eagle 330 On Sea Eagle Site for $329


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lifetime sport fisher

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Review

Today we chose to review a kayak that’s really dear to us. This is the lifetime sport fisher kayak, it has not been on the market too long but its already making waves with its amazing affordability and design. Paddle down the waterway or over the lake on your next angling trip in the Lifetime Sport Foot Fisher Kayak. Suitable for lakes ONLY. Otherwise it deserves 5 stars! This is a definitive Kayak for angling and unwinding. The kayak is 10 feet long and with the hull design you will effortlessly have the ability to stand up while angling to reel in that enormous catch.

The kayak can hold up to 3 individuals with a limit of 500 pounds. You can situate yourself serenely with two delicate ergonomic back rests and a shaped side-conforming focus seat. The kayak is adjusted for couples or solo angling and is loaded with rod holders to store your fishing polls. This little monster is perfect for flat water and lakes while you relax with a mate or on your own.

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The Lifetime 10 Tandem Fishing Kayak is additionally furnished with a dry stockpiling compartment, plate for random storage, 6 inches of back capacity and bungee line straps to secure other free things. You can even add an engine mount to the kayak in the event that you needed to introduce a trolling engine.

There is an oar mount in the Lifetime Tandem Fishing Kayak to store the oars when not being used. The high-thickness, polyethylene frame is formed for solidness and arrives in a gentle, olive green shading. This is the ideal inflatable water transport for all outside aficionados. Its light weight makes it simple to transport pretty much any place. The kayak measures 60 pounds and has shaped back and front handles to effectively lug it with you. The scupper openings will deplete that additional water in the cockpit territory without flipping the kayak over.

  • Designed for single or coupled utilization; 10-foot angling kayak
  • 2-piece sport paddles included
  • Fits up to 3 riders
  • Dry stockpiling compartment
  • Ditty plate and stun string for putting away free items
  • Developed for UV-Protection sourced out of high quality Polyethylene that ensures that it won’t fade away
  • Lightweight with 50 lbs.
  • Numerous Footrest Positions
  • Agreeable Seat Back to help keep you comfortable while you wait for a good catch
  • Two 6″ Storage Compartments in both the Rear and Center
  • Front and Rear T-Handles for Easy Transport

So in the event that you are anticipating spending the day out on the lake angling with the family or just to take in the experience of the outdoors and the untamed life teaming through the territory and water, you will need to take the Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Kayak with you. You won’t have to stress over this kayak flipping over on you while reeling in the catch of the day or problems getting the ideal photograph of the outdoors.

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A very stable kayak that makes it easyto stand up and fish…With the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak you get a decent sized fishing kayak for your buck! It is an exceptional kayak that is very stable and wide enough to make it possible to stand up or sit down while fishing, without tipping over.

It can seat up to three people, but is more comfortable with just one or two. Which is why the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak comes with two backrest to make two people comfortable while enjoying their time with a reel, a rod, and good company. This fishing kayak contains multiple foot rests for great comfort while gliding through the water towards your favorite fishing spot.

It is also lightweight coming in at just sixty pounds which makes it easy for one to carry. And with the molded handles, carrying this kayak around is a breeze. It will hold a maximum of five hundred pounds so you and a friend can pile in the fish as long as you can catch them. It contains fishing pole holders so you are not spending your time trying to juggle your poles while paddling the kayak. This also comes in handy when you need to take a break for lunch. Two double sided paddles are included of course otherwise you might have a difficult time navigating the waters without them.

There are scupper holes in order to drain the cockpit area. This prevents you from getting too wet and unable to fully enjoy your time on the lake, or sea. And the seats are located on the top to also keep you dry. There is a small storage area as well as ditty trays and shock cord straps to secure loose items.

Being UV protected this fishing kayak won’t fade so it will stay looking great every time you take it out.

If you need to get somewhere quick there is an optional mount where you can hook up a motor or a rudder. This makes the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak one that everyone fisherman loves to own


  • Incredible Space and Seating

The Lifetime Tandem Fishing Kayak can take 3 individuals and up to 500 lbs in weight, permitting you to fit all your friends and family and rigging as you hit the waters. This 10-foot durable and adjusted kayak is supplemented by a steady and simple to track burrow structure that permits you to angle as you stand up or take a seat, thus guaranteeing that you never feel limited when you are out on the water.

  • The lifetime sport fisher kayak Extras

Besides, the seating on the Lifetime Tandem Fishing kayak come ergonomic seats with agreeable backrests, and a formed in the side-saddle focus seat which is incredible for fishing. The various stool positions likewise guarantee that paddlers of various statures will be obliged.

  • Quality Construction

The Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher from Lifetime is built utilizing lightweight and solid high-thickness polyethylene, with a UV-secured outside that guarantees it won’t blur, split or peel in the brilliant and blinding sun. This durable structure and skeleton is additionally solid to avoid punctures as you ride over submerged items like jagged rocks or suspended logs.

  • Solidness

This angling kayak is sufficiently steady to stand on without stressing over tipping over and falling into the water. I bring my seven year old child when I go out for angling and he adores riding the waves from the passing boats while he is in the front. This is made possible with the kayak body plan and 36 inch wide hull area.

  • Extra Accessories

Since this is an angling kayak, the Lifetime Tandem Fishing Kayak has helpful and angling related extras that will make your time on the water more agreeable.

The Sport Fisher from Lifetime has various components and embellishments like 4 angling rod shaft holders, scupper openings for seepage, a back capacity hatch, jingle plate and in addition stun string straps to secure your possessions, and an adornment mount which can be utilized for a engine.


  • Smaller then a regular fishing kayak at only 10 inches
  • Tracking and speed are not the best; because of its wide outline


With the broad amount of amenities attached to this kayak and the fantastic fisherman arranged outline, the Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher ought to be the top kayaking choice for the individuals who need to make their huge catch while not breaking the bank. The Lifetime Sport Fisher is not a fast kayak and is not meant to be! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the tranquility of fishing with this beauty. We could write and babble on a lot more with this Lifetime Fishing Kayak Review, but we’ve said everything that you need to know about it. If you get one of these, you won’t be disappointed.

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Lifetime Kayaks Official Website

coleman colorado

Coleman Colorado Fishing Tandem Kayak Review

Spend the entire day angling with a companion and get home in time for supper with the Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak. This strong kayak is developed with a 18-gage PVC to get into those off the beaten path angling spots without stress. Paddle in solace or include the addition of a trolling engine on this inflatable kayak and store the oars away in the implicit storage room. Appreciate hands free angling with the Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders. Sit back in your customizable seats, enjoy the water, and get your day by day catch effortlessly in the Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak.

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coleman specs
  • Rough plan

This inflatable angling kayak has a weight limit of 470lbs. It is developed from 18-gage PVC with a 1000D canvas base. Its 840D nylon spread gives additional insurance from punctures on the off chance that you keep running into impediments. However, in the event that something goes wrong, the different air chambers permit you stay above water on the off chance that one is punctured. The licensed Airtight System is ensured not to spill.

  • Rod Holders

The Coleman Colorado angling kayak is planned with movable Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders for easy no hands angling.

  • Trolling Motor Fittings

Expand your angling capabilities with the alternative of utilizing a trolling engine on this kayak. Utilize the helpfully planned oar holders to secure them off the beaten path while utilizing the engine.

  • Capacity

Mesh stockpiling pockets are ideal for keeping snacks, sunscreen, water, and so forth conveniently secured while you are angling. The Coleman Colorado angling kayak likewise highlights D-rings so you can add other hardware.

  • Versatile

Carry handles permit you to force this inflatable kayak through the water effortlessly, and to continue through shallow regions if the need emerges. The kayak folds down into an included convey pack making transport from vehicle to water brisk and simple. It weighs around 40 lbs.

  • Different Features

NMMA confirmed, customizable seats, weight gage, included skeg, and a one year restricted guarantee.

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The Coleman Colorado angling kayak has superb reviews from large portions of its users and us. The accompanying information is an outline of the pros of the Coleman Colorado angling kayak.

  • Spacious

The Coleman Colorado angling kayak offers enough space for two adults in addition to equipment. Clients reported filling this inflatable kayak to its weight limit and having no issues. There is sufficient space for 6 angling rods and spots to keep the oars off the beaten path while utilizing a trolling engine.

  • Simple Set-Up and Transport

Using a double activity pump and the included weight gauge, this kayak takes around 10 minutes to get to full size and the same to empty. The lightweight development and convey sack make for an agreeable and a simple stroll on longer trails to the water.

  • Trolling Motor Option

Customers love the choice of adding the Coleman trolling engine to their angling background when utilizing the Coleman Colorado angling kayak. This kayak is very capable of finding those angling spots that bigger pontoons can’t. It’s ideal for those throughout the day angling trips. The recommended motor is the Sevylor Trolling Motor for the Coleman Colorado Kayak.

  • Durable and Well Built

We were wonderfully astounded by how durable this inflatable kayak is. Customers compared the craftsmanship to that of the Navy’s version of this kayak and raved about its strong materials and quality. Individuals feel exceptionally safe in this kayak. It’s Airtight System ensures no spills happen.

  • Adaptable

This kayak is anything but difficult to move and stays pretty durable whether you have one or two people within it.


  • No Pump or Paddle

You should calculate the expense of an oar and pump when obtaining this inflatable kayak. Clients prescribe 96″ inch paddles and a double activity pneumatic machine for the Coleman Colorado angling kayak.

It was hard to discover a drawback to the Coleman Colorado angling kayak. This inflatable angling kayak ends up being tough and strong for angler and relaxation paddlers alike. It has the flexibility to hold maybe a couple paddlers and apparatus without trading off mobility.


The component that permits a trolling engine to be connected to this inflatable kayak adds a radical new component to the angling background. The kayak is cunningly intended to hold angling poles making this kayak an angler’s fantasy kayak. It’s pleasant to have the capacity to keep this kayak in the storage compartment of your car for angling trips. The inflatable customizable seats permit you to be out on the water throughout the day in solace. Discreetly sneak into the most remote angling spots that you couldn’t reach with a hard-shelled boat. The Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak is exceptionally recommended by reviewers and by us we think this is the perfect boat for your next kayak trip and is definately one of the best inflatable kayaks around.

Where to Buy

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sunny innova

Innova Sunny Review

Hey everyone were back with another kayak to review, we will be doing a review of the Innova Sunny it is an ideal kayak for those seeking a well constructed, light weight inflatable boat for recreational touring, fishing and summer fun paddling. The Sunny is another model in the eco-friendly, non-PVC Innova line. This green kayak is made from Nitrylon which is a laminate of synthetic and natural rubbers over a 1,200-denier, low stretch polyester fabric. The result is an inflatable boat that is light weight and puncture and abrasion resistant. Nitrylon is also considered easy to patch and performs better in cold weather then PVC.

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The Innova Sunny is based on the design of the popular Helios models but is slightly longer with an open cockpit. It can be paddled as a single or two person, tandem kayak as the seats and tracking fin are removable. The seats also have a nifty feature that I personally like; the seats are supported by straps attached to D-rings. This makes for a more comfortable paddling experience.
The Sunny receives rave reviews from owners because it is light weight, durable, quick to inflate (under ten minutes) and fast. It is roomy, has a good payload and tracks easily. Its hard to find something negative to say about this inflatable kayak.

Specifications of the INNOVA Sunny Kayak:

• Weighs 33 pounds
• Measures 12’ 7’’ long and 31’’ wide
• Has three main inflation chambers (3 PSI) with military-style plunger valves
• 16’’ spray deck at the bow and stern
• Total load capacity of 396 pounds
• Tracking fin

Advantages of the Sunny:

• Fast, comfortable, and tracks straight
• Comes with a valve adaptor
• Spray railing (about 1’’) around the cockpit
• Adequate storage space
• Adequate leg room for solo or tandem
• The smooth surface of the Nitrilon allows for easy wiping/cleaning
• Comes with a dry bag backpack
• Dries quickly
• Many D-rings throughout the cabin
• Seats are reversible to accommodate solo or tandem paddling
• Great for fishing, camping, and recreational touring


• Does not come with a pump
• Some of the valves on the kayak might not fit certain pumps
• The smooth Nitrilon surface can scratch easily
• A pump with a pressure gauge is best to ensure that the manufacturer’s recommended 3 PSI is attained
• The kayak can take on a lot of water in choppy condition.
Overall the INNOVA Sunny is an excellent inflatable kayak that will provide your and your family with years of fun on the water.

Final Recommendation

The sunny is actually a double slash single which gives it a huge edge. The sunny is one of innovas most popular boats and the reason is because of its versatility, it can be setup to be a double twelve and a half feet long and it can fold into a backpack. That is small enough to be legal carry-on luggage and we have flown to hawai with the double in the overhead bin so you have tremendous travel flexibility and you also have the convertibility from a double arrangement to the single at a whim. It can be easily converted to single kayak by untying the forward seat turning it around the other way, picking up the other seat and replacing it with adjustable footrests.

The kayak is quite a fast kayak in compared to other kayak standards it was reviewed by sea kayak and magazine, the reviewer saw that it was a 4 knot boat 4 ½ miles per hour, they insisted on testing the boat to determine its speed and in fact saw that it is 3 ½ to 4 knot boat spring to 4 and ¾. So you are not really giving up much from a rigid kayak in regards to the flexibility of travel, ease of setup and a boat that is actually quite fast. A few of the other features includes that the boat has a footrest, adjustable inflatable bottom seats. We definitely recommend this kayak to anyone looking for portability and a great ride.

Where to Buy?

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