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Kayakerguide was created to help the average kayaker understand kayaking and improve their kayaking experience.

Our main goal is to educate new kayakers on the benefits and fun of kayaking while also showcasing some of the best products and ratings in the industry. Welcome! Feel free to let use know of any suggestions or improvement we can make!

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Our Story

In November 2017, it was a bleak and rainy day. The winds were swaying the trees outside of Andy's cottage house in Kentucky. He pined for kayak season to arrive already so he could be done with this cold and go for a nice paddle.

Upset he couldn't do what he loved he decided to hit the web and see if he could find some information on newer kayak models and some articles to make him feel at home again. He was surprised he couldn't find anything except some old guides and information on models that didn't even exist. Shacked up with some time to kill and a web design background...Kayakerguide was born, and the rest as they say is history!

Kayakerguide was created as a passion project, it was meant to be a filler for a market that suffered from fragmented information and lack of reviews and guides. We began with a simple fishing guide and now have hundreds of articles and reviews. Today Kayakerguide is one of the largest and most well known kayak sites on the net and we continue to grow.

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