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Sea eagle 473RL

The Sea Eagle 473rl Review

We live in a small comfortable house nearby Bear Lake, and my brother and I, both steady healthy-lifestyle fans, find a lot of enjoyments from living near the lake shore. Last summer we partook in our most prudent choice – we bought the Sea Eagle Razorlite 473RL inflatable kayak. It is perfect for the two of us, being a 2-paddler, and having owned a number of solid kayaks in our paddling experiences, we decided to opt for an inflatable one. Kids are around the house and there isn’t enough room to store a full rigid kayak in the basement. As you may imagine it is now stuffed with kids’ bikes, my chopper, my brother’s hiking arsenal and a lot of items from the house that no one ever touches. In short, an inflatable kayak was our choice and we have not looked back ever since.

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sea eagle 473rl specifications
Why The Sea Eagle 473rl

We ordered it online and it arrived safely packed in a shipping box. First thing I noticed about it, is the ease of assembly, and light weight. Only 17lbs, which the kids happily carried to the yard and started unpacking. With its amazing sleek and compact size – 15.5′ long and just 30″ wide, this inflatable was our star of the afternoon. We decided to test it that very day. Kids inflated it with their bike pump and we were happy to see that it was rigid and solid immediately, without any faults or defects. It came with all the right accessories, 2 tall back seats with a comfort seat pad, 2 adjustable footrests, a high-pressure pump with a pressure gauge, 2 paddles, a repair kit, and a backpack bag!

And now – the 473RL at work

We loaded it in our truck and in less than an hour my brother and I were paddling in Bear Lake. The weather was soft and less windy than usual, so we did a few hours, accompanied by a few fellow-kayakers. We were amazed at our fast pace and speed and ease of control. It held a steady straight line even under the wind at dusk, yet it was so easy to get maneuvered that we raised it up to 11:00 min/mile pace in no time. Wind favored our sprinting experience at 8 min/mile.

To mention only some of the many pros of our Razorlite 473RL:

  • It is amazingly lightweight and can be carried in a backpack
  • It is a long and sleek design, just the right one for speed-lovers
  • Unique high-pressure technology
  • It is good enough to use in tandem or can be easily converted to solo paddling
  • It has load capacity as high as 750 lbs, so you can pack it for a full day ride
  • Highly comfortable seats especially for intermediates and beginners, and people of age
  • Can be used in lakes, as well as oceans and rivers
  • If inflated at high pressure, it becomes really-really rigid
  • Very easy setup, even a kid could handle it
  • Still highly durable after multiple use

Cons are so few and arguable, yet worth mentioning:

  • It becomes harder to turn if you choose to paddle solo
  • It is good for calm river paddling, but may not withstand strong winds.
  • It is not designed to carry more than two kayakers

For us kayaking is not a mere muscle exercise, but a source of relaxation and real-time enjoyment off our gadgets and TV-screens. It helps keep us in good shape not only physically but mentally aswell. Many of the kayaker friends kept asking about the name of the model and its characteristics, and we were happy to give the necessary explanations without going into much technicalities. Our ride was relaxing, and shortly after we entered into a short race with two of our co-kayaker buddies. We kept talking about how great this kayak was for so long that one of our neighbors placed their orders online, feels like were brand ambassadors now hehe!


This inflatable is good enough for beginners and intermediate users, as it is easy to handle and it doesent require too much muscle effort to keep up a steady pace. With comfortable seats and enough room for the two of us, who, by the way are tall enough to fill the kayak if lying on the bottom. The paddling experience is soft and I am thinking of taking my eldest with me next time. He has been asking for it these two years without end, and perhaps the right time has come for him to try our healthy lifestyle.

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393rl razorlight

The Sea Eagle 393rl Review

393rl razorlight

Today were going to be doing a overview and review of the sea eagle 393rl razor light kayak. This is a very special inflatable kayak design that was recently put out by sea eagle. It is actually the worlds first fully constructed drop stitch inflatable kayak. Its lighter narrower and also much faster to paddle than other competing inflatable kayaks.

It’s a high performance solo kayak basically built for the outdoor adventurer. Its got a tapered hard nosed bow and stern and as mentioned its fully constructed with drop-stitch technology so it cuts straight through waves. Straighter and sharper than any other kayak on the market today. Paddling speeds are up to 6 miles an hour.

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Why The Sea Eagle 393RL

Lets talk about some of the key features of the 393rl razor light.

The first of which well discuss is the kayaks straight hull design. Its an important and unique feature of the razor light. Its got a straight hull design which actually provides the maximum straight hull waterline length. This feature combined with a very narrow kayak width which is 25 inches at the waterline allows the 393rl to paddle as fast as any rigid kayak available today.

The bow and stern molds are made of durable plastic and this kayak cuts straight through wind waves current and water like a literally sharp age straight razor on a clean close shave.

Its very impressive with superior length to width ratio razor sharp bow entry straight line planning surface and a precision razor sharp stern exit at the rear the 393rl is in literally a performance league all of its own.

393rl specifications

Lets talk about the unique bow and stern design with the tapered side walls. The razor light kayaks rigid bow and stern molds create the worlds very first speed entry system this leads into a double concave and then opens into a flat planning surface. Now the double concave design at the bow actually allows pockets of air to enter in between the hull and the water. What this does is it creates lift while also reducing friction and drag. The double concave stern creates a super clean exit and the taper drop stitch side walls provide a rigid support at the water line and also secondary buoyancy and stability. These features combine to enable the razor light 393rl to glide quickly and effortlessly through the water.  Now the bow and stern molds create a razor sharp speed entry and exit system. It’s a very very important feature for this particular inflatable kayak because it really helps to create lift and increases paddling speeds as well. Now as we mentioned this is the world’s first and only inflatable kayak made entirely of drop stitch material. The patent pending razor light kayak is the world’s first kayak that features this technology its actually a 3 inch drop stitch material for the floor and for the sidewalls it features a four inch drop stitch material.

Now this drop stitch material uses thousands of high tensile strength threads that connect the top and bottom fabric layers. What it does is it actually creates thousands of supports which enables the kayak to be inflated to a much higher pressure of 10 psi when compared with the competition other competing kayaks you can only inflate to a max pressure of 3 to 4 psi so it goes without saying that this greatly increases overall rigidity of the razor light and the unique drop stitch construction makes this as fast as any 12 inch 12 foot rigid kayak and it provides the added benefit of being able to pack the kayak down into its own backpack. The result of which is a inflatable kayak that is not only tough as nails but is incredibly rigid, ultra light and super fast to paddle.

Lets talk a little bit about the specifications of the sea eagle 393rl. The exterior measurements are 393 by 71 cm. the weight is 12.7 kg. it has a max carrying capacity of 1 individual plus gear with a max weight capacity of 227 kg. the interior measurements are 371 by 43 cm. tube dimensions are 21.6 cm high by 10 cm thick.

One can quickly inflate and setup the sea eagle 393rl and get it in the water without any delay or real difficulty. Its very quick and simple to inflate and also to deflate and pack down.


Hopefully this overview has been helpful for you we definitely recommend this as one of the most advanced inflatable kayaks created to date. This kayak is perfect for any advanced kayaker or someone that wants to test how far the inflatable line can go. This is the top of its class and you will not find a better inflatable kayak than this. So If portability is your last goal and you absolutely refuse to get anything but the inflatable and you want the best in the market, you cant go wrong with the sea eagle 393rl kayak.

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Sea Eagle 435PS Review

The Sea Eagle 435PS Review

As an avid kayaker, one of the biggest issues with purchasing and trying out new ones is trying to figure out if the kayak will suit your needs adequately for at least a few years. Buying second-hand ones usually results in disappointment and failure on the first voyage, which is why if you are looking into buying your first (or second, third fourth) you should seriously consider the Sea Eagle 435PS kayak.

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Why The Sea Eagle 435PS

– Well, known brand. Sea Eagle is considered one of the experts in all things water sport related, for years now they have been a go-to brand for keen kayakers, water sports enthusiasts and for good reason! Their products are solid and excellent value for money mainly because they use quality materials and don’t skimp on sourcing.

– The weight and size. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortably large or annoyingly heavy kayak. One of the main draw cards of the Sea Eagle 435PS is the convenient size and weight. You’ll find it’s easier enough for one person to carry it but even easier with two.

– Easy to use. There is nothing worse than buying a brand new kayak only to struggle with how to use and if it’s inflatable – how to inflate it! With the Sea Eagle 435PS even if you’re new to kayaking you’ll be able to start using this one with ease.

– Durability. Ideally, you want your kayak to last a few years (at the very least) so when you find a quality kayak that has 1000 Denier Reinforced Material flooring and a Quadruple Overlap seam you know you’re looking for a kayak that is going to take you on a whole bunch of journeys, not just a couple! Having a strong and durable hull and flooring is really vital when it comes to kayaking, anything that presents punctures or holes is always a positive.

– Price. While you could buy a second hand very questionable kayak for less if you’re after a new kayak that has been thoughtfully constructed and manufactured for a reasonable price, the Sea Eagle 435PS is the way to go, unlike a lot of other brands out there Sea Eagle’s products are great value for money.

That isn’t everything, though, just like with all their products Sea Eagle offers features that not many other water sports companies do. Just remember how important safety features really are when it comes to adventure sports.

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Sea Eagle 435PS specifications

So if you’re still not convinced by the Sea Eagle 435PS, here are some reasons you should consider an inflatable kayak over a rigid shell one

– Easy to store. Unlike hard shell kayaks the inflatable version doesn’t require a lot of garage space, simply deflate it and pop it in a cupboard until your next adventure. Inflatable kayaks also show wear and tear a lot less than rigid shell versions.
– Lighter to carry While traditional kayaks can be upwards of 20 pounds for a single person one, inflatable ones are about that weight for a 2 person kayak which is easy to maneuver with a friend or partner!
– No need for roof racks Which is another expense to consider when you’re deciding which kayak is right for you
– Price Inflatable ones, just like the Sea Eagle 435PS are very reasonably priced compared to their rigid shell counterparts.
– Easy to take care of Simple deflate it, dry it off and you’re done! Many people are put off by inflatable kayaks because they assume there is a lot of maintenance required for example patching punctures but if you do your research and decide on a Sea Eagle 435PS you won’t have to worry about things like holes and inconvenient rips.

So if you’re in the market for your very first kayak or you’re already an experienced kayaker and you aren’t 100% sure which route to take, you really cannot go wrong with a Sea Eagle 435PS. Not only are they great value for money, they’re durability is far superior to other brands on the market and they’re ability to glide through the even choppy water with ease is something you cannot look passed. Sea Eagle continues to be the leading brand of all things water sports so when you’re ready to get out on the water and experience some truly amazing kayaking, look no further than the Sea Eagle 435PS, you will not be disappointed!

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sea eagle 465ft Review

The Sea Eagle 465ft Fast Track Review

sea eagle 465ft Review

Typically, my wife and I go kayaking in the summer when it is warm and sunny, and you may feel safe of cold weather and rain. But then my wife took her vacation late March this year and we set our kayaking trip with my Sea Eagle 465ft as early as April 5. Warm, waterproof clothes, courage and good humor – these were our companions along the entire route. Rain, wind and misty weather – it was not making uneasy at all, compensated by coastal beauties and sights, a reflection of the young green leaves on the water surface, birdsong and the smell of wild cherry blossoms: the nature wakes up before our eyes, and we are sailing away, far, far away of the city with its eternal rush and exhausted buzz.

If we shift away from the romance part of it, I would gladly describe that particular experience with Sea Eagle 465ft Kayak.

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sea eagle 465ft fast track specifications

We prepare to set off

It was not the first time I had to assemble the SeaEagle 465 and yet every other time I was amazed at the ease of its mantling and subsequently – dismantling, and I am a corporate research analyst, not a technician, mind you. We would normally rent a trailer for travel, and this time was no exception. But then if you decide to carry it, that’s absolutely an option for one man: another advantage of inflatable versus ridged boat. You can pump it with a simple bike pump and it will instantly look and feel as rigid and solid as a hard boat.

The aesthetic part of me is fully amazed at the overall appearance of the frame and the amenities. With its balanced mix of design and equipment, it is both reliable and tough, and with obvious sleek elegance, nicely proportioned.

The rig, once raised, gives the absolute sense of handling any wind whatsoever, so it really permits you to sense the wind successfully. There are other things that impressed me. The stabilizers are effective and look good too.

We set off safely and quickly

My first impression when we set out on the water and the inevitable early-April wind welcomed us, was the feeling of comfortable control. Partly owing to the comfort and safety of the inflatable triangular sail and 45 square feet it was easy to control the kayak alone, while setting out looked and felt solid and steady. I suppose the light weight of the boat is one of its main advantages, as it immediately reacted to the wind and was still as fast when the wind ceased. I could sail back and forth with the same agility and control, while my wife was taking her favorite photos and enjoying the scene.

My parents’ Experience

This summer my parents (in their mid-sixties) were lent my Kayak for a trip on a lake, and they felt I needed the motor. Otherwise, I enjoy paddling, and the feel of control. The motor arrived though not as fast as I anticipated, but well within the timeline, and I myself could mount the motor (I am not a technician as you remember). My father especially enjoyed the high seats as he experiences a little back problems and sitting back especially on a boat, gives him additional assurance and comfort. Their experience was none the less enjoyable per their own account, and they had sailed for hours that day.

To debrief you on the pros and cons (the latter very few, though):


  • ease of set-up
  • high performance combined with ultra-light weight and portability
  • weight capacity of 795 lbs hence ability to carry more stuff and people
  • 180-day trial period, with full refund
  • 3-year warranty
  • an appealing mix of design and finish: obviously strong and sturdy but with certain elegance
  • long sleek profile and ultra-durable construction
  • high seats, slightly deflated are much more comfortable
  • being portable in the boot of the car


  • too big to use as a single, especially for people of age
  • still a bit slower than ridged boats
  • high back seats are more supportive but sit rather low
  • hard shell keel too hard to fold up
  • pump and motor are on back order
  • motor shipment dates are versatile


To sum up what I said, I would claim myself being a very happy customer of the best inflatable kayak available on the market now, and from my perspective – it has the best configuration and add-ins package at a rather reasonable price. I loved every moment of owning it, and recommended it to as many friends as possible, even to those who had never set foot on a kayak or a lightweight boat like this. If you wish to explore the nature in peace, without having to worry of the technicalities and safety of your trip, the Sea Eagle 465ft Kayak is your definite choice.

Where to buy 

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sea eagle 385ft Fast Track

The Sea Eagle 385ft Fast Track Review

sea eagle 385ft Fast Track

The Sea Eagle 385ft is one of the models from SeaEagle that focuses on speed and lightweight design over the conventional more sturdy models that focused more on a very strong and thick design. This kayak will be perfect for those that want something with a little more power think of this like the Ferrari to the comfortable SUV which would be some of the other sea eagle models. we would recommend this kayak for beginner and intermediate kayakers looking to take it on virtually any type of water and that need the portability of an inflatable kayak but still want their inflatable to have all of the features of a hard model. The price tag is a little higher than the other inflatable kayaks that are offered and may be prohibitive to some however it’s been touted as being very worthwhile by the majority of purchasers.

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seaeagle 385ft specs


The kayak has sharper features; a narrower, tapered bow which assists with faster entry via wind, waves and current. The new patented state-of-the-art external, rigid inflatable “needleknife” keel offer a faster, smoother paddling experience. The Sea-Eagle 385ft Fast Track is ideal for solo runs or if you prefer to take along a partner, then there is more than enough room. The kayak and the rigidity thereof make for an extremely safe as well as stable boat. It weighs far less as compared to most all-rigid kayaks by at least 30 pounds. The lighter weight and sleeker model allow for excellent handling. The Kayak is ideal for fishing or just cruising around the Bay on a lazy afternoon. The portability of the boat make it a must when decision time comes.

Smaller Pontoons

The Sea-Eagle 385ft Fast Track has the same interior width as the 380X but the pontoons are at least an inch slimmer. This very small difference makes for a sleeker appearance.
The paddles rarely scrape the side of the kayak which makes for a smoother paddling experience. The narrower pontoons give a feeling of sitting higher in the kayak which allows you to feel more in control. The smaller pontoons definitely improve the center of gravity on the kayak.


The Sea-Eagle 385ft Fast Track has upgraded the quality of the seating. The new high back seat have additional cushioning and offer a more comfortable paddle. You can paddle for a longer period of time without experience pain or numb feelings in the buttocks.

Rigid Floor

The inflatable floor has separate air chambers for inflation and this allows high pressure to be reached making the inflated raft extremely solid. It is so solid in fact that you can quite easily stand and paddle if that is what you wanted to do. The rigid floor helps performance because of how it affects the strength of the fin for best tracking.

Tracking Fin

On open lakes or the ocean, the attached fin will ensure that the kayak glides gracefully through the water but at the same time tracks very well.


  • This kayak is faster than other Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks
  • There is more than enough for for two people.
  • There is decent storage space available on the kayak.
  • The very rigid, drop stitch floor allows stability and grace through the water.
  • The hull material is completely sun and saltwater resistant reducing the rate of wear and tear.
  • Thicker and stronger – This makes it less prone to damage.
  • Front and Rear spray skirts.
  • Quick set up
  • The three year warranty on the products is amazing.
  • Customer service from the suppliers and manufacturer are out of this world.
  • The included foot pump is easy to use and very efficient, it is easily used by a child under 10 years and up.


  • The bag design, although a brilliant idea, seems a little awkward with handles that are clearly too large.
  • You have to remove the floor in order to access all the water underneath. This must be done after use and before packing away. Prolongs packing time.
  • The open quality of the kayak makes use in very cold water very limited.
  • The skeg needs to be used in order to maintain good tracking.
  • The skeg is extremely long and in shallow waters it hits the bottom.


The Sea-Eagle 385ft Fast Track is an excellent product. It was a little on the heavy priced side but on receiving it and using it a few times already, I can see that it is quality. I feel very stable and centered on the kayak and have enjoyed paddling with my husband. There was ample room for both us with no discomfort at all. What I really love the most about the kayak is how easy it is for us to put up and take down. It fits into a handy bag that you can leave in the trunk of your car for easy access on a glorious afternoon when you can hear the water calling your name. Extremely strong, sturdy, safe and glides smoothly and quickly through the water with little effort. Definitely worth purchasing. It is durable and will last a very long time if you take the proper precautions.

Where to buy 

Visit The Sea Eagle 385ft Official Product Page


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