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BKC UH-TK219 review

BKC UH-TK219 Review

BKC UH-TK219 review

Buying a fishing kayak isn’t an easy choice. For starters, there are a lot of variables and features you must consider, and it gets increasingly difficult when you look at all the options you have available on the market nowadays. Also, there are many manufacturers that include a whole lot of features that people will seldom use, just to boast that they have X more features than another brand.

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This doesn’t help consumers a lot – it actually makes things even harder for them. Some manufacturers, such as Brooklyn Kayak Company, have figured this out, and taken it into account when making their products. A prime example of this is their UH-TK219 kayak. It’s a large, sit-on-top tandem kayak which gives you all the essentials a fishing kayak should have. It does have a couple of extras over other manufacturers, of course, but they’re all things that you would genuinely need and use – not just gimmicks that are there for the sake of being there.

So, should you be looking at this kayak for your next purchase, or should you look for something else? Read through our BKC UH-TK219 review, and find out.

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Build quality and construction

To begin with, the UH-TK219 has quite a reputation to live up to – BKC are a well-renowned kayak company. The build quality absolutely lives up to the hype. The material of choice for the hull is HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, which is very popular with kayaks. It is lightweight, yet very strong, to begin with. It’s also impact resistant, which means that smashing your kayak into a rock shouldn’t do more than scratch the hull. Don’t try that, though. Weather and UV resistance is also excellent, so you can be sure that it won’t lose its properties or get damaged over time by simply sitting in your back yard. It’s also resistant to mold and rotting, which adds to its durability, to wrap things up.

The empty kayak weighs around 68 lbs., which is very lightweight for the 12 feet 2 inch tandem behemoth that it is. It comes with a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs., which should be plenty for you to fit in two people and plenty of gear. Or, you could fit three people and the essentials – you get that choice, too. At the same time, it’s comfortable enough for a family of three, yet nimble and lightweight for you to be able to paddle it solo. It actually comes with two of BKC’s deluxe seats, which are very comfortable. There are four carrying handles on the UH-TK219, which makes transportation a breeze if there are two people there, let alone three.

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Why is it so good for fishing?

When you’re getting a fishing kayak, there are a few things that you must look for if you want your fishing experience to go as smoothly as possible. The first is the fishing gear compatibility and availability of mounts, then you have paddle rest options, and last but not least, the cargo area.

The UH-TK219 takes care of the fishing gear very well. In total, there are six rod holders. Four of them are flush-mount, so you can set your fishing rod and forget it, and two of them are adjustable. That means that you can have three people with two lines in the water each – more than you would ever need, right? More mounts than this, and we’re moving out of the “actually useful” category, and going towards “bragging rights”.

Next, let’s discuss the paddles. The UH-TK219 does come with two paddles, which work very well and are just the right dimensions for the kayak at 86”. However, when you’re out on a fishing trip, you’ll actually want a way to store those paddles when your priority are the fishing lines. On the hull of the kayak you will find paddle rests that allow you to secure the paddles to the hull. Unlike other kayaks, your paddles will be secure here, even in rougher waters, or if you happen to bump them, for example.

The last thing we mentioned when looking at a fishing kayak is the cargo area. When shopping, you’ll want to be sure that you have enough room for all of your gear, as well as the fish you might’ve caught, and food and water for your trip out. The BKC UH-TK219 has more than enough room for all of this. At the stern, you will find a cargo area that’s covered in bungee tie-down straps. Larger items, such as your backpack, can be easily stored here, and they’re fairly safe, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. You’ll also have food, and potentially electronics that must remain safe and dry, and bungee cords don’t cut it for them. However, the two watertight storage hatches might do the trick. One of them is at the front, and another one is at the back, so you should have plenty of room for everything. All things considered, you can grab just about anything you need when you’re out on the water.

Wrapping things up – should you get it?

There’s one thing that must be said about the BKC UH-TK219 – it is certainly not for everyone. Some people may even consider it overkill if they prefer going fishing by themselves, while others may want more storage or more rod holders.

However, if you find that it has everything you want, you can rest assured knowing that the quality is more than incredible. Everything on the kayak works as it should, with no problems whatsoever. If you’re looking for a good all-round fishing kayak for you, and maybe a friend or a partner, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better, more complete solution than Brooklyn Kayak Company’s UH-TK219.

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Ra 220 top pic

Brooklyn Kayak UH RA220 Review

Ra 220 top pic

When you’re getting a new kayak, there are plenty that will “get the job done” if you need them for a day of fishing. However, serious anglers who know what they want need something that addresses their specific needs.

The Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-RA220 is one such thing. It’s made to be the “Swiss Army knife of fishing kayaks”, according to BKC. And yes, it’s an excellent kayak, as you’ll see in our BKC UH-RA220 review below. We’ll discuss a few things about it, from the build quality and storage, to the comfort and ride qualities.

The short version is that the UH-RA220 actually has almost everything an angler could want. From plenty of features, to an impressive array of storage options, it has it all. It’s also very stable, given it’s 11’5” length, as well as 34” width. In case you were wondering, yes, you can stand on it while fishing. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the details. (See our Best Fishing Kayaks this year here.)

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The build quality is stellar

The UH-RA220 is made from high quality polyethylene. It’s the material of choice for plenty of kayaks nowadays. That’s because it is lightweight, very durable, and fairly affordable. The capacity of the kayak is 440 pounds, which is, honestly, more than enough for most anglers.

However, this also results in a total weight of 70 pounds, which might be a bit tricky for maneuvering if you fish by yourself. You don’t have to worry about carrying it to and from the water, as you’ll get side-mounted carrying handles. There’s also a carved handle on the bow, making it easy to launch or land if you’re a solo angler. Nothing missing here.

It has plenty of storage

It’s pretty obvious that this is a single-person kayak. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have plenty of storage. You can safely store all your gear, regardless of what you’re carrying. To begin with, you have three different watertight compartments. They’re all in front of the seat, so you can access them easily.

There’s also a large cargo area at the stern, where you could store larger things you’re carrying. That one has elastic bands that keep anything you might have inside from slipping into the water. One potential bummer is that there are no flush-mounted rod holders. That’s the reason for the “almost” back in the introduction. You do, however, have a single articulating rod holder – and that one is in front of the seat as well.

How’s the comfort?

ra 220 on the water

When you’re out fishing in a kayak, you’ll most likely be spending a couple of hours in it. Therefore, you want to be comfortable, and you want to be sure that you won’t be more fatigued than you’d want to. The best way to ensure this is to have a good, comfortable seat, and the one on the UH-RA220 is easily among the best. Factor in the price, and it gets even better.

To be honest, the adjustable, high-backed seat is amazing. And it’s not like that for one type of person, but it fits just about anyone. The only potential downside is that you might need to stretch out once or twice when you’re on a really long trip. But, what kayak doesn’t require that?

As we said, most of the storage is up front. This means that all of your essentials are conveniently placed, so you can easily access any part of your gear, without the risk of flipping over with your kayak. The cockpit is surprisingly roomy, and gives you quite a lot of leg room. Even if you do need to stretch out once in a while, you absolutely have the room to do so.

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Let’s discuss the paddling capabilities

ra 220 specifications

The first thing you’ll want to consider with a fishing kayak is the stability. And, at 34” wide, there’s plenty of it. It is extremely unlikely that the UH-RA220 will flip over and throw you and all your gear in the water. To improve a bit of stability, there are molded channels on the hull.

We have yet to find someone who didn’t feel confident while standing up during fishing. This is partly thanks to the included standing platform. Most anglers actually find it very easy to both get in, and get out of the craft. Last but not least, it is absolutely stable enough if you want to fish standing up.

Those molded, long, deep channels in the hull, as well as the angular design of the bow, ensure that you have the maneuverability required for you to perfectly position yourself near one of your favorite fishing spots. If you want to have pinpoint control, there’s a foot-operated rudder, which also allows for you to be able to negotiate almost any kind of water condition that’s coming your way.

There’s one thing we do need to mention, though. At 11 ½ feet long, and 70 pounds empty, this isn’t the easiest kayak of them all when it comes to maneuverability. On the other hand, it’s maneuverable enough for you to be able to focus on your fishing, and not the location.

Wrapping things up – is it good?

When you’re in need of a kayak that’s specifically made for fishing, you’re bound to love the UH-RA220. It has almost everything, from a sturdy, durable construction, to decent performance in the water. Factor in the price, and it becomes an even more attractive kayak. Even though it isn’t the lightest, or the nimblest kayak available, it absolutely does the job.

It’s definitely not for everyone, however. If you need flush rod holders, or if you want something that’s lightweight and very easy to maneuver, you might want to try your luck elsewhere. However, if you can afford to compromise on those two, and get much more in return, the UH-RA220 might be an excellent option for you.

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Old Town Loon 120 Kayak Review

Today were going to review the new old town loon 120. This is a fairly new kayak along with the loon angler. This is a recreational model of the loon there are actually three in the series the 106 the 120 and 126. The idea behind the loon was fitting the paddler to the boat.

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Should I buy the Old Town Loon 120 Kayak Review?

This is a high performance boat with features and a comfortable fit. They started with the seat and built the boat around it.

If nothing else the seat is trimmed beautifully it looks really nice and the styling is very professional, there is performance foam which is perforated and quick dry it gives a lot of cushion to it. Its airy and breathable from not just the padding but the deck pan and seat pan itself is perforated and that perforation provides functionality as well so the seat pan can be raised and lowered just by pulling the handle in front of the paddler and the seat hand raises and gives you a more comfortable fit.

If want to change your leg position or take some weight off your legs or stretch out its fine. If your changing water conditions or heading out into some white water you can raise the seat pan a bit to have a more secure fit. You can also adjust the lumber support up and down, forward and backwards it’s easy to do with instructions icons and pull tabs so you shouldn’t have any issues.

There is an area called a work deck that the company came up with after doing research with consumers so there is a dry storage compartment, some gear trays cup holders and water bottle tracks on the bottom. They also found people used a lot of go pros and phones and wireless speakers so they added a usb port to the kayak and you can power your Bluetooth speaker by plugging in your USB power and inside the dry storage there is a dry battery that can be any juice pack or any type of battery you wish to pick it up and plug it in there are many different waterproof options available.

There is a little bracket that locks out from the cockpit that snaps out and snaps back in that gives you the option to have an oversized cockpit if you want to put a spray skirt on or have a child or dog sitting on top you can just de-attach the deck and then later pop it back on.

Another great thing is if you’re travelling and have your kayak on top of your car or in the bed of your truck if you’ve got your accessories already attached to your work deck, just undo the whole work deck and lock it in your car you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting stolen.

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Features of the Old Town Loon 120 Kayak Review


Final Thoughts

This model is pretty polished and ready to go, the loon 120 have already launched and shipped to dealers, it has a 3-layer hull gorgeous 4 layer setup and a lot of real excitement coming for the new loon. The other models have come out last year and have recently started shipping to dealers. We would definitely recommend this for someone looking for a kayak that’s advanced and ready to tackle kayaking in this day and age, with lots of up-links and areas for technology this kayak is definitely the most updated for the technological world out of the other models we have seen and the seat is second to none.

Where to buy of the Old Town Loon 120 Kayak Review

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Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Womens Kayak

Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Womens Kayak Review

Welcome everyone today were going to do a little review of the ocean kayak Venus 11. Its primarily made for females which is why I purchased the kayak, my wife likes to go kayaking with me and she wanted a kayak that was very comfortable for her and we tried this one out because a friend owned it similarly and she liked it enough so we went ahead and got her one.

We’re going to talk about a few features and a few that aren’t so great.

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Should I buy the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Womens Kayak?

Firstly, you can see that the front is very narrow, it’s got a nice little knife edge on it and cuts through the water very well and definitely is much faster than the other kayaks out there. It is 11 feet long and it comes with everything you see on the picture. Including the comfort tech seat very nice and padded for long trips. It has bungee cargo holds in the back which are great for putting in coolers or anything similar that you might want to secure and carry with you.

It does come with a little dry compartment at the front which is very simple to use, not exactly the most waterproof compartment so you may want to use a baggy to keep your stuff dry while it’s in there and it does have a leash so you don’t lose it while you’re in the water.

Inside there is a molded in cup holder and nearby there is another indent which is circular for another storage item.

It comes with three carry handles. The two on the side are very good for picking up and carrying the kayak around. The kayak is very light and weighs only about 47 or 40 pounds. There is a handle near the middle top which my wife loves about the kayak since she can reach in and grab it and hoist herself up if she wants to get up.

In the front there are some more bungees great for tying down towels or lifejackets or whatever you want to bring with you and the drain plug is right up there in the front if it does get any water in it you can undo it and pour any water out.

It does come with a nice paddle holder on the side which you can unhook, let your paddle loose and when your done using your paddle you can just snap it back on there, it’s very tight.

Last thing is it does quite a few little anchor points around the kayak which you could use to secure more gear or have stuff hanging off.

The downside is two things I don’t personally like. 1. Is the way the handles are set up they are connected to the bungee straps and also a little plastic piece near the top holding the bungees so when you pull up its pretty hard to pull out over time it may wear on the bungee and snap, this same feature is on the back. The last thing that I think is a big fault is there is a setup in the front for your paddle patch but it’s not cutout and it doesn’t cut out and doesn’t come with the top and if you like the top you would have to pay about 80 extra dollars.

Those are about the only things that I don’t like, it doesn’t have any true dry storage without cutting a huge hole in the kayak.

Other than that I think it’s a great kayak suitable for any female that wants to try kayaking or someone less experienced that wants to enjoy the sport with her husband or alone.

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Features of the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Womens Kayak

Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Women's Sit-On-Top Kayak

Final Thoughts

Other than the few negatives I think it’s a great kayak suitable for any female that wants to try kayaking or someone less experienced that wants to enjoy the sport with her husband or alone.

Where to buy of the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Womens Kayak

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