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BKC UH-TK219 review

BKC UH-TK219 Review

BKC UH-TK219 review

Buying a fishing kayak isn’t an easy choice. For starters, there are a lot of variables and features you must consider, and it gets increasingly difficult when you look at all the options you have available on the market nowadays. Also, there are many manufacturers that include a whole lot of features that people will seldom use, just to boast that they have X more features than another brand.

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This doesn’t help consumers a lot – it actually makes things even harder for them. Some manufacturers, such as Brooklyn Kayak Company, have figured this out, and taken it into account when making their products. A prime example of this is their UH-TK219 kayak. It’s a large, sit-on-top tandem kayak which gives you all the essentials a fishing kayak should have. It does have a couple of extras over other manufacturers, of course, but they’re all things that you would genuinely need and use – not just gimmicks that are there for the sake of being there.

So, should you be looking at this kayak for your next purchase, or should you look for something else? Read through our BKC UH-TK219 review, and find out.

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Build quality and construction

To begin with, the UH-TK219 has quite a reputation to live up to – BKC are a well-renowned kayak company. The build quality absolutely lives up to the hype. The material of choice for the hull is HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, which is very popular with kayaks. It is lightweight, yet very strong, to begin with. It’s also impact resistant, which means that smashing your kayak into a rock shouldn’t do more than scratch the hull. Don’t try that, though. Weather and UV resistance is also excellent, so you can be sure that it won’t lose its properties or get damaged over time by simply sitting in your back yard. It’s also resistant to mold and rotting, which adds to its durability, to wrap things up.

The empty kayak weighs around 68 lbs., which is very lightweight for the 12 feet 2 inch tandem behemoth that it is. It comes with a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs., which should be plenty for you to fit in two people and plenty of gear. Or, you could fit three people and the essentials – you get that choice, too. At the same time, it’s comfortable enough for a family of three, yet nimble and lightweight for you to be able to paddle it solo. It actually comes with two of BKC’s deluxe seats, which are very comfortable. There are four carrying handles on the UH-TK219, which makes transportation a breeze if there are two people there, let alone three.

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Why is it so good for fishing?

When you’re getting a fishing kayak, there are a few things that you must look for if you want your fishing experience to go as smoothly as possible. The first is the fishing gear compatibility and availability of mounts, then you have paddle rest options, and last but not least, the cargo area.

The UH-TK219 takes care of the fishing gear very well. In total, there are six rod holders. Four of them are flush-mount, so you can set your fishing rod and forget it, and two of them are adjustable. That means that you can have three people with two lines in the water each – more than you would ever need, right? More mounts than this, and we’re moving out of the “actually useful” category, and going towards “bragging rights”.

Next, let’s discuss the paddles. The UH-TK219 does come with two paddles, which work very well and are just the right dimensions for the kayak at 86”. However, when you’re out on a fishing trip, you’ll actually want a way to store those paddles when your priority are the fishing lines. On the hull of the kayak you will find paddle rests that allow you to secure the paddles to the hull. Unlike other kayaks, your paddles will be secure here, even in rougher waters, or if you happen to bump them, for example.

The last thing we mentioned when looking at a fishing kayak is the cargo area. When shopping, you’ll want to be sure that you have enough room for all of your gear, as well as the fish you might’ve caught, and food and water for your trip out. The BKC UH-TK219 has more than enough room for all of this. At the stern, you will find a cargo area that’s covered in bungee tie-down straps. Larger items, such as your backpack, can be easily stored here, and they’re fairly safe, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. You’ll also have food, and potentially electronics that must remain safe and dry, and bungee cords don’t cut it for them. However, the two watertight storage hatches might do the trick. One of them is at the front, and another one is at the back, so you should have plenty of room for everything. All things considered, you can grab just about anything you need when you’re out on the water.

Wrapping things up – should you get it?

There’s one thing that must be said about the BKC UH-TK219 – it is certainly not for everyone. Some people may even consider it overkill if they prefer going fishing by themselves, while others may want more storage or more rod holders.

However, if you find that it has everything you want, you can rest assured knowing that the quality is more than incredible. Everything on the kayak works as it should, with no problems whatsoever. If you’re looking for a good all-round fishing kayak for you, and maybe a friend or a partner, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better, more complete solution than Brooklyn Kayak Company’s UH-TK219.

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benefits of tandem kayaks

Benefits of Tandem Kayaks – Why you need one!

When you’re buying a kayak, there are quite a few questions you’ll want answered before you pull the trigger. Do you go for a touring kayak? Do you get a fishing kayak? Or, do you get something that’s small and works very well in whitewater? The thing is, all of these questions are secondary. The main question you’ll want to be asking is whether you should get a single kayak, or a tandem one.

There are a few considerations that might tip the scales one way or the other, but if you think about it, a tandem kayak is a bit better in a few regards. So, if you’re considering which one to go for, why would you get a tandem kayak over a solo one? Let’s take a look at some of the differences.

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Paddling solo will get boring after a while

This is the first reason why you would want a tandem kayak over a solo one. Now sure, the first thing you’ll think of when buying a kayak, provided you’re buying it alone, is that you’re buying it for yourself. This is why you’ll primarily be looking at solo kayaks.

However, going out on the water alone will get boring eventually. You have nobody to talk to, for example, and this can be extremely boring if you’re out for four or five hours, fishing and waiting. This could be solved by finding someone to paddle with, but is that always an option?

benefits of tandem kayaks

If you already have a partner, or a good friend that would like to join you in your water adventures every once in a while, a tandem kayak will make things much easier. You can just grab them along and enjoy together – whether it’s for an hour-long trip, just for fun, or for a full day out on the water, fishing gear and all.

Safety and security are another benefit

When you’re out on the water, there is always the possibility of something unexpected happening. Whether you’ll capsize, or the weather will turn bad, you could easily get in trouble. Things are even worse when you’re paddling in unexplored territory. Maybe you took your kayak along on a family trip and have nobody to take with you. A GPS navigation device might help, but your best bet is a person familiar with the terrain. If you don’t have one, someone who will keep you calm and help you make reasonable decisions to get yourself back to safety is also helpful.

benefits of tandem kayaks

Now, if you were to have a tandem kayak, you could easily take your friend, or your partner, along for the ride. If not, you could find someone from the locals that has experience and knows the waters you’d be paddling, so they can guide you and tell you whether there’s an unexpected problem you might not have foreseen.

A larger kayak is more stable, and often faster

Before we dive into this argument, we must mention that the same thing can be said for a large solo kayak. But if you’re getting a larger kayak anyways, might as well get one that fits two people, right? There’s also the fact that a single kayak is narrower than a double one, which also helps.

The fact that a wider kayak is more stable is simple physics. There’s a larger contact area with the water, meaning tipping over is much less likely to happen. Compared to a single kayak, you can easily have two people stand up in most tandem kayaks, without it tipping over, without issue. With a tandem kayak, the center of gravity behaves a bit different, too, and the fact that you have more gear in it weighing it down, helping with stability, is another benefit.

Let’s discuss speed for a minute. You might be thinking that a wider kayak is slower, and to some extent, you would be right. However, all of that is countered, and even improved upon, with the fact that a longer kayak is often more aerodynamic. The shape of the hull allows it to cut through the water more easily, with less resistance, resulting in more speed. The last argument we’d like to make when discussing the paddling ability is the tracking. A longer kayak will maintain direction much more easily. This is very welcome, especially with novice paddlers who are still getting used to things.

benefits of tandem kayaks

Consider all the available room

The last advantage that tandem kayaks have is all the room you’re getting. A single kayak can only have so much room, which might be problematic if you’re out on a multi-day trip, or you want an extended fishing trip. Packing your backpack and a few essentials is okay with any kayak, but if you want a couple of fishing rods, a sleeping bag and a tent, as well as food and drinks for a few days, you’ll have a lot of problems fitting all of that in a solo kayak.

Oh, and there’s one thing we didn’t mention. You could have all that room for yourself, and your gear, if you don’t have another person that wants to join you. But if you do have a pet, for example, why not take it along for the ride? All that extra room can comfortably seat your furry friend, and if they like water, they’ll have just as much fun as you, if not more.

Wrapping up the benefits of tandem kayaks – why you need one?

A solo kayak might seem like a good option if you’re paddling alone. However, when you take into consideration all of the advantages you have if you get a tandem kayak, justifying a solo one becomes increasingly difficult. If you’re looking at one kayak to do everything for you, from a quick solo trip out, to a multi-day trip with your significant other, a tandem kayak is the way to go.

Ra 220 top pic

Brooklyn Kayak UH RA220 Review

Ra 220 top pic

When you’re getting a new kayak, there are plenty that will “get the job done” if you need them for a day of fishing. However, serious anglers who know what they want need something that addresses their specific needs.

The Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-RA220 is one such thing. It’s made to be the “Swiss Army knife of fishing kayaks”, according to BKC. And yes, it’s an excellent kayak, as you’ll see in our BKC UH-RA220 review below. We’ll discuss a few things about it, from the build quality and storage, to the comfort and ride qualities.

The short version is that the UH-RA220 actually has almost everything an angler could want. From plenty of features, to an impressive array of storage options, it has it all. It’s also very stable, given it’s 11’5” length, as well as 34” width. In case you were wondering, yes, you can stand on it while fishing. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the details.

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The build quality is stellar

The UH-RA220 is made from high quality polyethylene. It’s the material of choice for plenty of kayaks nowadays. That’s because it is lightweight, very durable, and fairly affordable. The capacity of the kayak is 440 pounds, which is, honestly, more than enough for most anglers.

However, this also results in a total weight of 70 pounds, which might be a bit tricky for maneuvering if you fish by yourself. You don’t have to worry about carrying it to and from the water, as you’ll get side-mounted carrying handles. There’s also a carved handle on the bow, making it easy to launch or land if you’re a solo angler. Nothing missing here.

It has plenty of storage

It’s pretty obvious that this is a single-person kayak. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have plenty of storage. You can safely store all your gear, regardless of what you’re carrying. To begin with, you have three different watertight compartments. They’re all in front of the seat, so you can access them easily.

There’s also a large cargo area at the stern, where you could store larger things you’re carrying. That one has elastic bands that keep anything you might have inside from slipping into the water. One potential bummer is that there are no flush-mounted rod holders. That’s the reason for the “almost” back in the introduction. You do, however, have a single articulating rod holder – and that one is in front of the seat as well.

How’s the comfort?

ra 220 on the water

When you’re out fishing in a kayak, you’ll most likely be spending a couple of hours in it. Therefore, you want to be comfortable, and you want to be sure that you won’t be more fatigued than you’d want to. The best way to ensure this is to have a good, comfortable seat, and the one on the UH-RA220 is easily among the best. Factor in the price, and it gets even better.

To be honest, the adjustable, high-backed seat is amazing. And it’s not like that for one type of person, but it fits just about anyone. The only potential downside is that you might need to stretch out once or twice when you’re on a really long trip. But, what kayak doesn’t require that?

As we said, most of the storage is up front. This means that all of your essentials are conveniently placed, so you can easily access any part of your gear, without the risk of flipping over with your kayak. The cockpit is surprisingly roomy, and gives you quite a lot of leg room. Even if you do need to stretch out once in a while, you absolutely have the room to do so.

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Let’s discuss the paddling capabilities

ra 220 specifications

The first thing you’ll want to consider with a fishing kayak is the stability. And, at 34” wide, there’s plenty of it. It is extremely unlikely that the UH-RA220 will flip over and throw you and all your gear in the water. To improve a bit of stability, there are molded channels on the hull.

We have yet to find someone who didn’t feel confident while standing up during fishing. This is partly thanks to the included standing platform. Most anglers actually find it very easy to both get in, and get out of the craft. Last but not least, it is absolutely stable enough if you want to fish standing up.

Those molded, long, deep channels in the hull, as well as the angular design of the bow, ensure that you have the maneuverability required for you to perfectly position yourself near one of your favorite fishing spots. If you want to have pinpoint control, there’s a foot-operated rudder, which also allows for you to be able to negotiate almost any kind of water condition that’s coming your way.

There’s one thing we do need to mention, though. At 11 ½ feet long, and 70 pounds empty, this isn’t the easiest kayak of them all when it comes to maneuverability. On the other hand, it’s maneuverable enough for you to be able to focus on your fishing, and not the location.

Wrapping things up – is it good?

When you’re in need of a kayak that’s specifically made for fishing, you’re bound to love the UH-RA220. It has almost everything, from a sturdy, durable construction, to decent performance in the water. Factor in the price, and it becomes an even more attractive kayak. Even though it isn’t the lightest, or the nimblest kayak available, it absolutely does the job.

It’s definitely not for everyone, however. If you need flush rod holders, or if you want something that’s lightweight and very easy to maneuver, you might want to try your luck elsewhere. However, if you can afford to compromise on those two, and get much more in return, the UH-RA220 might be an excellent option for you.

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Brooklyn Kayak UH Pk13 Pedal Kayak Review

Brooklyn Kayak Company might not be the first name that springs to mind when you’re looking at pedal drive kayaks. There are other, more popular brands that have this title. However, if you’re a person who does their research, and wants to get the best possible option, you will want to look into the Brooklyn Kayak Company. They have a couple of models, made for various types of kayaking, and all of them are excellent at their respective category.

What we’ll be discussing today is their UH-PK13 kayak. This is a 13-foot pedal drive kayak, one made for long distances and people who want to make use of their lower body when kayaking as well. It comes with a couple of nifty features, each of which will make your kayaking trip more interesting and more pleasurable. We’re talking about an extremely versatile kayak here, so let’s not waste anymore time and take a look at our Brooklyn Kayak PK13 review. If you’ve ever wanted a versatile pedal drive kayak, you’ll want to read on.

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The pedal drive system

pedal system

Purists shrug at the thought of a pedal drive system, but the honest truth is that this is an amazing and very helpful system, especially for fishing and long trips. Basically, you have a pair of pedals that you turn, and they rotate a propeller below the kayak. This lets you do two things: either move much faster when you’re paddling, or move in a slow, controlled manner, while your hands are free for activities such as fishing.

With the PK13, you have smooth, responsive pedals which come with adjustable foot straps. If you’re worried about changing direction, there’s a hand-operated rudder which takes care of that for you with minimal effort. If we were to take aftermarket pedal kits out of the equation, this might be one of the best pedal drive kayak systems on the market today. Oh, and it also lets you add a trolling motor if you want to make things even easier.

Build quality and construction

The build quality, as you’d expect from a kayak at this price range, is stellar. The blow-molded hull is designed for stability, which comes in handy when fishing. At 13 feet long and 2.7 feet wide, this 80-pound kayak is easily maneuverable, yet maintains its stability in varied weather, and water conditions. Made of high-density polyethylene, it resists scratches and bumps, and the UV protection ensures the color won’t fade easily. The carry handles at the front and the back allow for easy transportation in and out of the water, which is a nice bonus.

With the PK13, you also get a seat, which is expected, as well as a paddle. The seat is built around an aluminum frame, which is at the same time sturdy and lightweight. The seat and backrest are well padded, so comfort won’t be an issue here. You will also find multiple adjustment points, making the seat very versatile and suitable for just about any-sized person.

Storage and usability

As we mentioned, the PK13 is made for long distances. Therefore, it only makes sense that it has plenty of storage, to allow you to prepare yourself for that long distance. To begin with, you have a very spacious rear cargo area. You can easily store your backpack there, and the bungee tie-down straps will keep it put. This also lets you store things such as a cooler, duffel, tackle box or a dry bag. To add to that, there are watertight storage hatches built-in into the hull, and they have dry bag inserts to make sure your belongings are safe and dry. And last but not least, there’s another bungee straps system at the front, which lets you store smaller, or medium-sized items, such as a jacket or your helmet. At a maximum load capacity of 550 lbs., you can be sure that you can store pretty much anything you want in the PK13.

Let’s discuss usability for a second. This kind of kayak is made to appeal to two main types of people: fishermen, and long-distance adventurers. For the second crowd, we discussed the pedal drive system and all the storage options, as they are all factors that make your trip a pleasure, or a pain. However, for fishermen, there are a few additional things that make things even better. To begin with, the seat is at an ideal position for fishing, as well as pedaling while you do that. You also have three flush-mounted rod holders, if you want to keep the fishing poles out of your way when you’re traveling. This, combined with the easy-to-access storage options, is an excellent solution for just about any fisherman.

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Wrapping things up: Who is it for?

The Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-PK13 isn’t for everyone. To begin with, the price tag puts it out of reach for many individuals who are just buying their first kayak, and aren’t sure if their investment is worth it. Second, it has a pedal drive system, which won’t appeal to purists (but should appeal to just about everyone else). This makes it much more convenient in a plethora of situations – something an all-round kayaker will appreciate. And, last but not least, it isn’t a small kayak that you can just throw in the back of your shed if you don’t use it.

However, if you’re either a fisherman, or a person who wants to make long trips in their kayak, it might be an excellent choice. Long hours in the saddle are very comfortable, and the pedal drive system means that you can rest your arms every once in a while. Storage options ensure that you won’t run out of food or water anytime soon, and the build quality is stellar and durable. All things considered, if you’re after such a kayak, this is one of the best options on the market today!

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Wilderness Systems Tsunami 14.5 Sea Touring Kayak Review

145tsunamiaWelcome to our review of the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 14.5 Touring Kayak.

The Tsunami 14.5 Foot Touring Kayak is specially designed to be paddled in a variety of places from lakeshores to coastlines to bays to rivers. Whether you’re taking a daytrip or setting off on a weekend getaway, the Tsunami 14.5 Touring Kayak is an outstanding choice for both small and large paddlers thanks to its deep hull and large cockpit.

Each end of this kayak has end toggles for lifting and carrying of the boat with a partner. Solo carrying is also made possible by lifting the kayak and securing the cockpit on your shoulder.

There are 3 built-in hatches — one at the stern, a day hatch, and one at the bow. To remove the cover from the hatches, simply peel the cover off.  Front and rear deck bungees can be used to secure water bottles, pumps, and other gear. Full primers deck lines provide secure hand holds and a well-defined cockpit rim makes attaching a spray skirt fast and simple.

Fingertip Adjustment Controls

The seat back adjusts forward and back, up and down and leg lifters provide comfort and support for your legs.

The slide-lock foot brace system is easily adjusted from inside the boat. Simply raise the black plastic rod located on the inside of the boat and slide forward or back until your foot rests comfortably on the peg while keeping a slight bend in your knee.

Ultimate comfort is made available by use of adjustable padded thigh braces. With the turn of a couple screws, you can easily reposition the thigh pad so it is most comfortable for your body style. The seat and seat back are also fully adjustable. You can raise or lower the seat back and adjust leg lifters in seconds.

Superior Performance

Once you are in the water, the Tsunami’s multi chine V-hull offers exceptional stability in a sleek, narrow profile. A lower cockpit height allows for secure edging and easy maneuverability. With proper technique and edging, you’ll be carving smooth turns in no time.

Beginning and experienced kayakers alike will appreciate the superior comfort and control offered by the Wilderness Systems 14.5 foot Tsunami Touring Kayak. It offers excellent tracking in even windy conditions and is constructed out of Gen2 high-density polyethylene plastic.


  • One of the best selling kayaks of all time
  • Recreational boat stability with touring boat speed
  • Foam-padded backrest
  • Foam-padded seat
  • Adjustable thigh braces
  • SlideLock adjustable footbraces
  • Deep hull and large cockpit
  • Sculptured high-density foam seat
  • Bow & stern deck rigging
  • Phase3 outfitting for precise comfort based on your body type
  • Friction Adjustment System


  • Length: 14 feet, 6 inches
  • Width: 24.5 inches
  • Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Deck Height: 16 inches
  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • Cockpit length: 35.5 inches
  • Cockpit width: 19.5 inches

Tsunami 145 Touring Kayak Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Almost all reviews we have located of the Tsunami 14.5 Kayak have been outstanding, with almost all owners rating this kayak as 5 out of 5 stars.

Positive Customer Reviews

This boat has no problems carrying my 6’3″, 250 pound body. Very easy to adjust everything for maximum comfort. Love how it cuts through the water.  More than enough space for all your gear.

This kayak is fast and extremely maneuverable for it’s size. Great for both the lakes and rivers up here in Michigan.

This kayak is perfect for everything from ocean to lakes. Extremely durable, I have run this over rocks, shells, logs — you name it. I absolutely love all the storage space. Easily carry a fully stocked cooler and so much more.  I’ve owned many kayaks and this by far the best boat i have ever owned. Can’t wait to do some kayak camping this summer.
— P.K.

Negative Customer Comments

My only complaint is that the seat tends to lean forward when you climb in.
— P.J.