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Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak Review

Today were going to review the Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak. Some of the obvious features when you look at the frenzy is it has a seating capacity for one person, it is very small in size since its a 9 foot kayak but for a small kayak it still packs a huge punch and is probably my favorite 9 foot kayak out there. One can also lift it and place it anywhere as it weighs very little. This helps in transporting it from one place to another quickly and efficiently.

The seating is very comfortable. It has the padded seats which provides cushioning, support, durability and a fun way to paddle. These seats can be used for any body type. The kayak has a large storage facility by having a large stern tank. Along with the tank there are also the bungees. Apart from this tank, the kayak has the bow and stern carry handles, cup holders, replaceable rear skid plates, side handles and more. Due to its special design it can easily float and one can handle it on and off the the water and enjoy the performance and long lasting features of the kayak.

Near the area of the cover, a bow and stern form are constructed. These forms increase the working of kayaks in the water. It has an easy setup. It is available in different colors too. The frenzy is a small kayak that’s a large amount of fun. Though it is small in size it is more responsive and stable. It acts well on the flat water surface. It is a perfect kayak for those who want something for children as well as adults. The maximum capacity that it can accommodate is around 275 to 325 lbs.

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Frenzy Kayak specifications

Why The Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak

  1. This kayak is known to be very durable in nature. This durability helps in its sturdy performance. However there were some remarks from previous owners about the seating being a little snug, when you sat within the kayak it would be slightly tight. So if your a person larger in stature you may need to get a larger more accommodating seat. This kayak is very spacious in nature for its small size. It is known to be a quality product that is available for the consumer’s at the most affordable prices, in comparison to other 9 inches the price is definitely right.
  2. It is though very stable still one needs to be very careful while paddling. People who are the beginners and who do not know how to sail can also paddle with ease. It is extremely light in weight as such one can lift it over the head and place it on the top of the car too. It does not get damaged very easily but once damaged it needs multiple repairs.
  3. The bungees that are present at the ends help in holding the paddles when they are not being used. In case a paddler wishes to dive, then the back end of the kayak can hold a SCUBA tank which makes it easier for diving purposes or accommodating in holding other storage. Once a paddler knows how to balance then it is easier for him to come back on the kayak when in water. This can be done even without the kayak getting tipped.
  4. The seats are good but a bit more cushion could be added through the purchase of aftermarket seats. The kayak also has the adjustable foot holders.
  5. One of the major complaints discussed is that the kayak does not have a cup holder, sounds like a ridiculous complaint to have over a 9 inch kayak like this but none the less some people see it as essential. For the people who carry a drink on a regular basis they may need it. It is to be placed in the center and can be purchased separately or you can adjust your kayak to have its own.
  6. Another complaint that many people have made are that the delivery usually takes a long time. This time could be around 1 to 2 months also. One has to wait for a long time before they get hand on this.
  7. You need to be very careful with the dimensions as this kayak can suit only selected people with a given weight, if your over 135 pounds you may want to find an alternative.
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Our Recommendation

This is definitely one of the best 9 inch kayaks that we have seen. Its got everything you need from a small vessel I cant really see any improvements with the size that could be made unless it came with a GPSand robotic coffee maker but hey, we cant have everything we want. The Kayak is great for a cottage or family trips or smaller kayakers but I would not recommend it if your over 135 pounds since this kayak is not meant for the pressure of a larger person. Again I would definitely recommend this yak it can be delivered within a few days and found on Amazon. The brand name of the frenzy is not as popular as some names and not as recognizable but they have definitely made up for the lack of brand recognition with the price and attention to detail of creating a superior product they can be proud of.

Where to buy 

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Emotion Glide Sport Kayak Review

Today were going to review the emotion glide sport kayak.

This kayak is built up using Polyethylene that is high in density which is used to have more durability and strength. It excels in speed, maneuverability and is a leader in easy tracking. It can work on all types of water conditions including lakes and rivers (you may need a spray skirt since its a sit in kayak). It has a comfort seating system  inside. There is a area inside the bow and stern that helps in having easy access to the gear which is secured within. It has a comfortable seating arrangement with secure foot resting areas that only add to the comfort. It is a perfect combination of stability, comfort and the design in a inexpensive product.

It is very light in weight and is small in size. Due to its special design it can easily float and one can handle it on and off of the water. It can withstand and perform its functions in any given condition. This can be seen in large lakes, bays or in slow moving rivers or creeks, etc.  Even the comfortable foot rests are placed in such a manner that it is comfortable for everyone. There is also a paddle holder which always makes sure that the paddle is secured properly when not in use.

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Why The Emotion Glide Sport Kayak

  • These kayaks are stable enough to have fun in the lakes. It keeps up its speed. Though the tracking is a little slow still one can manage to paddle efficiently. It is for people who prefer short length distance paddles rather then the endurance paddler. It has an excellent seating arrangement and has a high quality feeling. There is also a bottle holding area that is located between the legs. The kayak has two lift handles at the end which help in transporting purposes usually for two people. It has been made to be light weight so that one can handle it very conveniently. It has the best knee pads. However few of the negative comments were that the location of the bungee which is beside the seat is not fitted correctly. It is placed at a place where the paddler generally would have to strain to access.  This kayak is generally recommended for the beginners who ready to start getting into kayaking.
  • These kayaks have drain plugs in them that help in draining out the water. The Kayaks are very affordable and can be purchased even by lower earning incomes. It is a high quality product. There are two main bungees one at the front of the kayak and one at the back. Even the paddles have bungees attached to it. It has a padded seat, V shaped hull that is generally used for easy tracking, foot pegs etc. It is a perfect combination of all the quality requirements at a low cost. It is also great for people who plan to go fishing. The cockpit of the kayak is spacious enough to put poles and tackle boxes. Even after this there would be a place to move around in the cockpit.
  • Sometimes during the delivery of the product there were instances where the product delivered was damaged or not properly inspected. The company then takes back the product and exchanges it within the time period. It has a 24×7 customer support system. They attend to the queries through a call or through messages or through emails.
  • The kayak is very spacious. There is a space for storage too. One can store a bag here. While catching fish you dont need to worry about the volume of space available.


The emotion glide sport kayak is definitely one of the best budget sit in kayaks out there. It has a lot of feature for a kayak at such a low price point. Its a sturdy kayak and can be used by beginners and intermediate paddlers on a budget. We would recommend this kayak as a first step but if your graduating out of an old kayak you might want to explore a few more advanced models. If your a beginner look no further this kayaks for you!

Where to Buy The Glide Sport Kayak?

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Emotion Kayaks Official Site

advanced elements lagoon 2 Review

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Review

The Advanced elements Lagoon 2 is a two seater kayak that is generally used in the lakes, bays etc. Generally the top portion of the kayak is made of a different material and the lower portion is made with a different material more quality for rougher surfaces. It has high quality inner tube which contributes to the performance and contributes to the lifespan of the kayak. Near the area of the cover, a bow and stern is constructed. These forms increase the working of the kayak in the water. It has an easy setup and is available in different colors aswell.

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Pros and Cons:

  • The Advanced elements Lagoon2 is known to be very durable. It also helps in sturdy performance. It is very light in weight and can be carried to any place. It fits easily in a truck or on a roof rack when deflated. One can easily paddle using the rear seat and the front seat however we prefer the back seat. It helps in the tracking on the water. The seats are considered to be comfortable and the seating area is very spacious too. It helps people to paddle smoothly and enjoy the ride.
  • This kayak is considered to be stable. It is a very easy and flexible process in setting it up. This kayak after repeated use has the tendency of having small portions of the rubber crack. This requires multiple repairs. One of the reviewers we found also says that while folding the kayak one needs to be careful. Folding in the same manner repeatedly would hamper the kayak and will cause wear and tear of the rubber. This however is a regular issue with a kayak and no-one can expect it last forever but you can take steps to preserve it as long as possible.
  • The kayak received an exceptional review for it’s beautifully built air chambers that are very spacious and have a high end quality. This kayak has been treated as one of the fastest kayaks and the advantage here is that it occupies very little space.
  • To have the maximum benefit of the kayak one should be very careful with buying the other elements of the kayak. Some of them being the backbone accessory, the double action pumps, regular paddle etc. The pumps are used to push the air on the upper as well as the lower side.
  • This lagoon is recommended for people who want a kayak that’s more transportable and don’t want to buy a roof rack or extras for cargo. It is also noted that the customer support service also is very quick in responding to the queries. However there was one noted disadvantage regarding the tracking, the kayak tracks much better when it’s new and when it becomes older the tracking becomes slightly less efficient.
  • To get a complete inflation out of the lagoon 2 you need to have a hand pump. It can be used in both the fast flowing rivers as well as in the calm lakes. People who require space can without a doubt buy this kayak. It can be stored in any place like the closet and is very portable. One can even transport it in the back seat of the car. The bottom of the kayak is flat and is relatively very wide. This makes it move a little slower but when it is in flat-water rivers, or lakes then it works great. With the help of the little skew the kayak tracks much better. Though its inflatable its designed in such a way that it doesn’t look like a pool toy and is actually seen as a good durable kayak. However it is not advisable for taller people and also the storage capacity is a limitation. One can store as much as a bag with lunch box in it.
specifications of the lagoon 2
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Final Recommendation:

This offers a very fast and comfortable ride too. People have paddled using this kayak half the year and are still paddling. But there are chances of tubes getting cracks and fixing them would only lead to more cracks. The material used here is not the highest of quality as the cracks appear at regular intervals. This kayak needs to be cleaned and dried every time after use. Even when it is kept in storage you must make sure that it is kept dry. After lending it to our friends for a long term and after rough use still one can manage to paddle through the water with it. You must also stay aware of the fact that while paddling this kayak, there is a high chance of getting wet so you must be prepared.

Overall we recommend this kayak to either a beginner kayaker or someone that would like to kayak with a efficient kayak that holds up well and requires very little extras when it comes to transportation.

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point 65 martini

Point 65 Martini Kayak Review

Like to fish? Need a flexible, light, easy to carry, fit into any car, multi purpose and something stable for a fishing or family trip? This is the Kayak for you! This kayak is a 9.5 foot kayak and its weight capacity is 295 lb plus it weighs 45 lb.

This is a multiple piece kayak, which could come in handy if one day you want to explore the waters with a family, or one day yourself! With this kayak, you can add two extra pieces/seats to it, so you can let your whole family paddle in the same kayak! And it’s easy to put together! As fascinating as i’m making it sound, it is not just me who thinks this!

On many occasions, when I would be assembling and disassembling the kayak, strangers would pop by and start a conversation about it, and asking all about it. This was the most stable kayak I have used in my life, and this is the ONLY kayak I use. For racing? No, that is not what this boat is meant for. The boat is also VERY spacious, I also love it for fishing. You can fit all the supplies you need. Having a problem? Can’t fit the kayak in the trunk of your car! All I did was disassemble it, which took me one minute. There are pros and cons of this kayak, but the pros definitely take over the Cons.

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The main reason that got me looking and thinking about buying this kayak was its best features; the ability to disassemble the boat into pieces. With the family car (toyota VENZA) me and my wife could never find a kayak that would fit inside. We never could buy a roof rack, because it added a lot of weight to the car, which would cost a lot more gas, as it also would be a huge hassle to unload the boat off of the roof rack. After seasons and seasons passed we finally found the perfect kayak, for our price range 1000-1500 and for our availability.

Another reason we got this boat was because it was very flexible. I could easily fit all the pieces of the kayak in the back of my Toyota Venza, all I had to do was take the latch on each piece and put it in the trunk of my car! If you don’t have enough space in your trunk, you can easily put one of the pieces on another seat!

Another reason I wanted this kayak was because, as it was the family’s first kayak, was that it’s very easy for beginning kayakers. As I mentioned before, considering it is very stable and sturdy (the only time the kayak tipped over was when my daughter tried getting her plush toy she dropped in the lake!), it makes it much easier for novice kayakers to get into, and learn the ways of kayaking (as I am over exaggerating!).

I love, and recommend this boat because you can have your family, right by your side while doing your favourite hobby. This is the best boat, that gives you what it has to offer, and if I had a chance I would not have bought anything else!

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Considering all the perfections, of this boat there always has to be some imperfections. One of those imperfections is the durability. Knowing that it has the ability to attach, extra pieces or seats it wears out the kayak, putting it in and out. It also, after a little while gets lots of dents, scratches and small things like that. Because of the wide body it is definitely on the slow side, but for a recreational kayak it has an acceptable speed. This kayak, is definitely not meant to be used for anything else than recreational use. One of the reasons I did NOT want to buy this kayak was because, I have really long legs and there was not a lot of room, but of course this is only if you are tall. I also noticed, the cockpit is very small it makes you feel very snug.

Final Recommendation:

Even taking in consideration the slowness, and durability I would say this was the Kayak my family and I enjoyed the most. It’s spacious, comfortable and stable features are one of the reasons me and my family, travel to the lake and kayak every week (sometimes we go fishing) If you are a family person, new to kayaking, need a spacious kayak for fishing, need an easy to transport kayak, this is the BEST kayak for you!

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Emotion Spitfire 8

Emotion Spitfire 8 Foot Sit on Top Kayak Review

Today we are going to be reviewing the Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak, 8 Foot Kayak. It is made up of a High volume of Polyethylene. This helps in providing strength and durability to the kayak. It has the front, rear and side carrying handles. These handles help in easy transportation. The kayak has a tank well that is used for easy storage. This tank well has cargo net lacing attached to it. It is designed in such a way that you can sit on top of it since a sit in traditional design would be too limiting with the length. It is a very user friendly kayak with a few notable features. It is generally made for people who want stability, good performance and who can afford shelling out a bit extra for such a small kayak. It has immense speed and is great for tracking purposes without compromising on the stability of the kayak. This kayak has the padded seat and tank well that is mainly found in the costliest kayaks available. The foot wells present here help in providing a secure and comfortable foot placement. To keep the inner area of the kayak dry, there is a special feature of holes which are commonly referred to as scupper plugs in the cockpit and tank well. This kayak is also known for its unique quality of having extra volume and a much higher capacity than the competition. It can be used for children as well as for small adults.

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spitfire specs

Why The Emotion Spitfire 8?

The main recommendations and considerations to take in before buying this kayak are the following:

  1. The Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak, 8 Feet is well built and works well in water. They are available for both adults as well as for children both having the same features and quality in its design. It is also great for tracking even if the weather is windy. It is known to be very maneuverable. These kayaks though they have so many benefits you must handle them carefully when loading and unloading them for use. Since these kayaks are delivered in plastic bags they have a risk of getting damaged during transit. Though some of the merchants are generous enough to replace them immediately still you need to be careful and check the package in front of the company delivery staff to avoid complications. Inspecting the kayaks is a pre-condition before taking the delivery or signing for the delivery. A friend once ordered a kayak and quickly signed after delivery and found a huge cut in the side where obviously a loading truck had stabbed it, he had a hell of a time returning it since they wanted proof it wasn’t caused by him and since he had already signed for it the ownership was on him that the product had arrived safely.
  2. It can fit anywhere with ease. To avoid sliding you can use tarp and rubber mats. While using these kayaks you need not worry about any back problems. People can use these kayaks to enjoy sailing as well if you buy an extra sail attachment or build in your own. The seats are comfortable as well.
  3. It is very convenient and easy to use. You can easily use this even in bad weather conditions.
  4. It is also known to be very light-weight. It offers less friction and much better tracking then some of its more prominent competitors especially for a mini 8 inch kayak.
  5.  To use these, you need to know the correct way to handle them. It is very easy to launch using these kayaks in any of the different types of water conditions you can also easily haul it around because of its light weight. People who are fond of the underbrush can easily turn using these 8 footers and have fun. One can have some high end fun during sailing.
  6. The kayaks tracking has been described as just fine due to its design which helps in keeping the butt centered while sitting on the seat. It is also known to handle like a dream. It is very flexible and can be turned with ease due to its small and light in weight design.
  7. It is a kind of multi-purpose kayak which is easy and secure in its own way.
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Negative Reviews:
The Negative reviews were regarding the plugs that went missing in these kayaks. These are necessary as their absence can lead to quick over filling of water in the kayak and make it hard to paddle back due to the effected drainage.


Overall this is a great kayak for the kids and adults of a smaller size and stature. If your looking for an 8 inch kayak this

is definitely one of the best ones out there. It has the perfect amount of tracking and stability for its size and it’s a great device for the kids. If you weight over 130 pounds we suggest you upgrade to a larger sized kayak since this definitely will not be a good experience. A great product and highly recommended by us!

Where to Buy The Emotion Spitfire 8?

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