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Dagger Kayaks Axis 10.5 Kayak Review

Hello everyone, today were going to review a kayak that were really interested in it’s the first “crossover kayak” that we have review which is supposed to be multi use. We think it’s perfect for a little more advanced paddler graduating from a simpler kayak and has a lot of great features that do make it stand out at a very reasonable price point.

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Should I buy the Dagger Kayaks Axis 10.5 Kayak?

10.5 obviously means that it’s the length of the kayak is 10 feet long. It incorporates a relatively narrow for recreational kayaks 27.5-inch beam and the boat craft itself weighs just under 50 pounds. The material is a mold of polyethylene they heat and tumble the mold for the boat the material is quite a robust material for a family craft. That’s really what we’re talking about this would fit a wide range of paddlers from 125 pounds up to about 230 pounds as always depending on how once carries their weight.

It is in the recreational category which means it will not have quite the length and performance or safety features of a touring boat or a sea kayak or performance boat which are the most efficient.

The craft itself has modest deck rigging in the back, soft touch carry handles, modest rigging near the back its really what you typically see in recreational kayaks.

After the cockpit we have a tamper proof locking point which is going to be handy if you’re worried about the craft or could be used as a tow point for the worst case scenario. The cockpit of the boat is a little more aggressive than a lot of the recreational boats in its category you can see that its fairly aggressive for a recreational boat with the thigh pads riding into the knees you can get a little bit more control then you can with a lot of other recreational craft.

It does have a higher back seat which you get with a lot of the recreational boat category. Again we prefer a lower back seat and that’s what you will see as you go to higher touring and performance kayaks. Lots of comfort as the seats move very well they are contour CFS seats with a pad that pulls up to your legs. It has a stiffener which is a plastic device that goes up partially through the bowel of the boat and it helps keeps the integrity of the craft long term. There are a couple of spots for water bottles and a bit of gear on the beam as well.

As for the craft itself it has a uniquely designed chime that’s the side of the boat with fairly hard edges which does a number of things which maximized initial stability but fairly defined so if unintentionally you bring the boat over or if you want to progress in skills a little bit it is going to be reasonably secure on its side.

You will see it has modest deck rigging after the cockpit it does has a stern hatch only and bulk heads so the back will be your dry storage area.

There are a few contradictions in the craft. Dagger markets the boat as a crossover boat as a multi-use boat that can handle whitewater conditions and with respect to dagger we are going to contradict that because it simply does not have the dry storage from in the bowel craft itself.

It is a 10-foot boat with is going to let in about 7 feet of water, doesn’t mean the boat wont handle those conditions it just means your compromising safety to do so.

Having said that we are excited with this craft since it complements the Pungo series.

The Pungo series is under the same umbrella it’s under the wilderness systems name the difference is this boat is a little bit narrower where the Pungo is about an inch and a half wide whereas this one is a bit narrower, it weighs a bit more than the Pungo 12-foot version but it also has the skeg which is kind of cool so just a rope release releases the skeg which the Pungo system doesn’t have. The skeg will have the craft track in more challenging conditions and should you want a little more maneuverability you can simply bring it up out of the way.

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Features of the Dagger Kayaks Axis 10.5 Kayak Review


Final Thoughts

What we envision for this kayak is that this is a perfect craft to compliment that family recreational system boat like the Pungo with a little more get up and go it’s got a few more features it’s a little narrower and we envision maybe some of the larger paddlers purchasing the Pungo series the 12 or 14-foot version and some of the smaller paddlers or paddlers who want to be a little more aggressive without jumping into the touring boat category preferring to go to this boat.

It does have a little bit higher side and that side means it increases the paddler load that it can carry so it also lifts the load on it about 10 pounds heavier than the Pungo 120 despite the fact that it is narrower.

This is a great craft and we highly recommend it for any paddler looking to take a small jump up in skill from your traditional kayaks while still having a craft that is diverse enough to handle a multiple range of different waters.

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Old Town Predator MX Kayak Review

Today were going to do a product review of the predator fishing kayak. I’m going to give my opinion on this kayak based on many years of kayaking and years of kayak fishing experience.

This is probably the fifth or sixth OldTown kayak that I have personally owned including a few canoes so you can tell I’m a big fan of the brand, it could also be that all my accessories fit in the different models so I’m committed.
There are so many features on this kayak that it’s hard to do a short review so well get started.

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Should I buy the Old Town Predator MX Kayak?

First of all, jumping straight to the seat it is hands down one of the most comfortable seats I have ever used within a kayak. It has the functionality to pop right down and disappear for storage, you can sit in it straight up if your kayaking and for fishing it pops right up and snaps down. Absolutely the best seat I have ever used in a kayak.

The kayak is about 12 feet long it is the predator 12 MX, there is the predator 13, the predator mx and the predator Codo which incorporates an electric saltwater motor. This is the smaller of the three.
At the back we have a nice very comfortable handle for pushing or pulling the kayak or if you want to use it for salt water fishing. There are all sorts of storage spaces in the back including plenty of room for a cooler and a tackle box within the back.
Looking at the middle of the kayak first of all it has an incredible amount of space inside the kayak including a lot of standing up legroom within the middle. There is a large storage space in the middle that you can unhook for an extra compartment. It is pre-rigged for different accessories including a fish finder and it comes with a nice strap that can go from a sitting position to a standing position you can pull yourself up which is very handy. I personally keep it down for transportation.
It comes pre-rigged for a transducer which works great.

Also it comes with scupper plugs since the sit-on-top kayaks obviously have the ability to drain. The unique point of the Oldtown’s scupper holes is that the water will drain down through but it will not come up which is a pretty nice feature when you’re on the go.
Moving on there is some nice dry storage within the top area of the kayak which also incorporates a battery pack and you can run your wires over to your transducer and your lighting system whatever you need to run off a 12-volt battery which is pretty slick.
It comes with rod holders and rod protectors so you can lay your rod down and it holds the tip so your rods don’t get all tangled up with other kayaks or brush.

Moving down to the front I personally incorporated my trolley anchor on the side, essentially what it does is you can move your anchor from front to back – back to front or wherever you want by moving the trolley.
There are replaceable plastic deck rails where you can mount your equipment and tooling, they are easily replaceable and the idea is that you never have to drill a hole in your kayak.
It also comes with a troth If you want to use wheels for moving the kayak back and forth you can strap your kayak in and hold your wheels tight so they don’t slide back and forth.
There is a paddle holder which is available on both sides of the kayak. Moving to the back side we have some more drain holes to drain any water that may get stuck within the back cavity of the kayak.
Near the right side of the kayak on the inside there is a nifty pocket where you can put your rubber baits or worms within the pocket to keep them safe and dry.
The way I have mine rigged up is I have a beverage holder in the back, a rod holder in the front that turns so I can move the holder anywhere I want.

If you want to troll or use a GoPro the kayak is GoPro ready and does have areas for putting it. There are a million different accessories you can get for the kayak its almost ridiculous, they mount into all individual accessory holders.
The shock cord is very high end and can hold anything, you can get a 20 quart cooler in it sideways just to give you an idea of how much it can hold.
The version I have is the camo model but it comes in 5 different colors including urban camo which is a white black there’s a cherry camo, there’s a green, I prefer the regular camo which is a dark green and sand color
It also has on the back very strong handles which are very rugged, which makes it easy to move.

There is a replaceable Skeg in the back so if you drag it on the beach instead of patching holes in your kayak you can just buy another Skeg. Which is a good idea since anyone that drags a kayak around for a while knows that they will begin to put a hole through the bottom.

It weighs about 72 pounds all of these larger kayaks including the Jackson brands weigh about the same they’re all on the heavier side of weight and aren’t lightweight by any means.

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Features of the Old Town Predator MX Kayak Review


Final Thoughts

I have had this kayak for about 2 months, have used it for a while I love it and it’s the best fishing kayak I have every had I would definitely buy it again and say this is in my opinion the best fishing kayak out there.

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Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 Review

Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 Review

Today we have a inflatable kayak thats very portable and easy to transport and durable, we have the OutDoor Tuff 3 Stinger Sit-on top kayak. This kayak was perfect for me and my wife considering we were not the strongest group. It is very light and easy to transport and can fit into any car. It comes with a foot pump and is very easy to inflate, which is something that I really needed. I heavily use this kayak, and I never have to think about leaks or damages because this kayak is very durable. Even though, it is a inflatable kayak it is as rigid and stable as a traditional kayak.This is a sit-on top kayak, which is one of my favorite features because I am not the most flexible person and it is extremely easy to get in and out of. If I am kayaking in the lake and want to jump out for a swim; I can easily get in and out of it. The Out Door Tuff 3 Kayak, is perfect for fishing, relaxing, exploring and more! It has its pros and cons, but after taking that all into consideration the pros definitely out-weight the cons!

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Specs and Pros

The OutDoor Tuff 3, is a sit-on top kayak which is a great feature and is one of my favorite parts. It is inflatable and comes with a foot pump, which lets you inflate the kayak. It is extremely easy to transport at 25 pounds and a backpack is also included to put the inflated kayak into. Included, is a 87-inch lightweight rotatable paddle which is light and easy to paddle with. There are also great quality fins, that offer control and stability while paddling through the waters. This kayak comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which is extremely useful in the case that the kayak comes with a manufacturing defect, or some early damages which is very rare considering its durability. Its weight capacity is 275, and as stated before, 25 pounds uninflated.




Even though, the OutDoor Tuff 3 is an inflatable kayak, it is still extremely durable because of its good quality material. After heavy use of this kayak, there are no damages or leakages. This is very good, if you are looking for a kayak that you want to be able to keep for many years.


As you know, this is an inflatable kayak which is good for multiple purposes. Fist; its portability. It is easy to fit into any car because you can put it in your trunk uninflated. Second; Its light weight. Especially for me, I am not the most built person and I struggle a lot with carrying the traditional kayaks. This is 25 pounds, and easy for anybody to carry and transport.


The OutDoor Tuff 3 Stinger comes at an amazing price for what this kayak offers. It is made from extremely good quality, it is inflatable which makes it portable and is as stable and strong as a traditional kayak. It also comes with very good extra items, such as; a rotatable light weight paddle, back pack for the uninflated kayak, and more.

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As this is a inflatable kayak, its seat is uncomfortable and supplies no support. It also does not give much room, I have relatively long legs so there is not much leg room. Overall I do not feel very comfortable sitting in this kayak.


The OutDoor Tuff 3, comes with a very bland and undetailed guide/manual and is not helpful. The kayak also comes with many other useful items, which are not properly explained such as the inflation ruler.

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Final Thoughts OutDoor Tuff 3 Stinger:

Overall, this kayak was perfect for me and my family because of its price and what it has to offer. Especially that it was inflatable, and that it was easy to transport in our Toyota Venza. It is also very lightweight, so me and my wife could easily carry. It also is very durable, so we do not have to worry about purchasing another kayak in the near future. Even if it did have some problems which is very rare, we would have been able to return it with the warranty. It is also very affordable,  at a spectacular price for what the Out Door Tuff 3 has to offer.


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Emotion Temptation Kayak Review

The Emotion Temptation Kayak is durable, light, stable, and perfect for beginner kayakers. This is the perfect description of the Emotion Temptation Sit-on top kayak. I was looking to buy a kayak for the first time, for light use and to use weekly on the lake, and this boat is great for that. Another thing I love about the Temptation, is its price. At $960, it was a perfect price for me and it gave me everything I needed. For its price it has a lot to offer. I am not the strongest guy, so one of the things that got me into this kayak was the weight. For a 10-foot kayak its weight (56 lbs and supports 275 lbs) was perfect for me because I would usually go camping, or travel with this kayak, and I would need to carry it long distances over my shoulders. This meant a lot to me, considering I am not the strongest kind of guy. This was a vital reason that got me to pick the Emotion Temptation Sit-on Kayak. As a new kayaker, I loved the sit-on feature. It was extremely easy to get in and out of and this was great for me, because I would always have struggles getting in and out of kayaks or canoes. If you are a new, novice, or recreational kayaker I highly recommend it and would say this kayak is for you. It is also made with Freedom Foot Wells for secure and very comfortable foot bracing.

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Specs and Pros:


The Emotion Temptation kayak, is a sit-on kayak which makes it light and extremely flexible. It is 56 lbs, holds 275 lbs and this is extremely light for a 10 foot kayak of its kind. It comes with Ledge Lock paddle keepers on the side of the kayak, to hold the paddle when not in use. Infront of the kayak the is a Solace Hatch, if you need to store any extra gear or items. Behind the seat, there is a location with bungee cords that you could safely store your gear under, which is really useful for tools such as fishing rods which is one of the things I used it for. The kayak is made with a ST PERFORMANCE hull, which makes it obtain better tracking and stability. The kayak itself is Roto-molded from strong UV-protected linear polyethylene plastic material.


The quality of the Emotion Temptation is amazing. Not only is that is makes it last longer, it also makes the experience of travelling it better. They use amazing material for the boat itself, such as the UV-protected linear polyethylene plastic material that has been Roto-molded.


Something that matters a lot to me considering how long you would spend in the kayak is the comfortability. Adding on to the sit-on feature of the kayak, it is extremely roomy and great for the bigger and taller kayakers. It comes with CRS (Comfort Rest System)  and has a comfortable seat that has great support and offers a convenient fold down feature when needed. The back of the seat is very comfortable and cushioned, but for the bottom it is up to you. I usually just put a towel underneath for if I wanted to jump out and swim, which brings me to my next point.


Because the Emotion Temptation, is a sit-on kayak it brings on many advantages. One of the great things about the sit-on feature is that it is easy to get in and out. Kayaking in the lake, feeling hot and dry? Easy! I just jump out, and swim a little. Time to get back in? No problem. It is extremely easy to get back in without flooding it.


The Emotion Temptations quality definitely contributes in its performance. Its design makes it tracking great, which is a great quality for a long kayak trip. It also goes pretty fast, really good for a recreational kayak of its price.


One of the cons for the Emotion Temptation, is the accessibility. Considering its size and weight makes it really hard to transport. It is impossible to fit into cars, which means it is necessary to use a roof rack which is a hassle to put up and take off the kayak. It is also a 10 foot kayak, so for some people it may be hard to carry and travel around with it. Another of the few disclaimers, is that it scrapes a lot. Even though it is minor, it still counts as damage but of course is never vital. It is easy to fix, and there are many ways to fix and patch it up.

Final Thoughts:

After buying this as my first kayak, it soared over what my expectations were especially for its price. If I had a chance to go back, to pick any other kayak for the same price without thinking I would definitely chose the Emotion Temptation Sit-on Kayak.

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features Emotion Temptation

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Malibu Kayaks X-Factor Kayak Review

Riding rivers, rapids, and lakes is always a fun adventure for everyone involved, but it’s made significantly better when you have a quality kayak to do it in. There are a lot of options of course, but the ever versatile kayak is still one of the favorite choices, and for good reason too. But even among kayaks, there are various models, and some are better than others. One of the best kayak types is the Malibu X Factor. It has a great number of features and design qualities that bring it a cut above its lesser kin. But rather than leave that so ambiguous, let’s get into some pros and cons details for this exceptional kayak.

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First and foremost is the dry ride available from the Malibu X Factor. Lots of people dislike getting their feet wet while going on an aquatic adventure, and the Malibu X Factor provides the dry environment you want for your feet. That by itself is already a great reason to get into a kayak right there.

It also comes with a great high rocker for plowing clean through the toughest waves and breaks coming your way. The Malibu X Factor is a rough and tough vehicle designed to be at home on calm waters or choppy waves, and you won’t have to worry about being overpowered by any waters that you plan on plowing through. And by that logic, there is no watery terrain you can’t conquer in the Malibu X Factor.

This fourteen foot long vehicle can carry upwards of six hundred pounds, and has plenty of storage space for any gear you might need: after all, the Malibu X Factor is ideal for diving and fishing, so whatever items you might need for an adventure of that nature, the Malibu X Factor has the space and capacity to support it. It even has a trolling motor for the more serious fishing adventures you might have in mind.

For convenience purposes, the Malibu X Factor has a hatch on the front that can accommodate a child seat, and also comes equipped with self-draining trays, a cup holder, and carry handles.

And if the facts aren’t enough to really sell you on this kayak, we can look at the customer reviews for the Malibu X Factor. After all, public consensus is usually the grounds on which people choose to buy new products. There are no Amazon reviews for this product below four stars. They are all four and five star reviews, and carry monikers that praise the true steadiness and strength of the Malibu X Factor. It really is one of the most high quality kayaks out there. In fact, I can’t even tell you anything negative about the kayak because there are no negative reviews to look at.

That said, if you plan on going on some sort of rafting, diving, or fishing adventure, the Malibu X Factor is the ultimate kayak for whatever kind of excursions you have in mind.

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