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Swing 2 Inflatable Kayak Review


I would bet that anyone who lives in a small condo or has a small car, will appreciate the compactness and ease of storage of inflatable kayaks. The downside is that most of them feature a pretty open cockpit design, and they don’t offer much resistance to nature rough waters. Running into trouble with either of them will get both you, and your entire travel gear wet, possibly damaging it. The Swing II Inflatable Kayak, made by Innova, offers a closed deck that repels spray, making it an ideal solution for these situations. Even though if you have rough waters into consideration, you might not even be looking into an inflatable kayak, this will make sure that you’re warm and protected while you’re touring. If we’ve got your attention, read on for the full Innova Swing II Inflatable kayak review and see if this should be your next purchase.

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Excellent for small storage spaces and small vehicles for transportation, the kayak has packed dimensions of 26” x 16” x 10”. It’s as compact as it gets, but Innova were careful not to hold back on any construction or material quality. It is made of rubber-coated polyester hulls, named LitePack, which are made to prevent rips, and it has two side chambers and floor that inflate to a higher pressure, resulting in a more rigid ride and shorter dry times for storage. The fabric is coated with rubber on the inside, which increases air retention. It’s also treated with a Teflon water repellant, which both prevents staining, and helps drying. If you’re an environmentally-friendly person, you will be happy to know that LitePack is actually PVC-free.

When talking about the construction, if the material and higher pressure don’t convince you of its stiffness yet, there are also three metal crossbars, which snap in beneath the deck to add even more support. It also has a snap-in fin, which you can attach before inflating it, and it will give you improved tracking. The Swing II Inflatable kayak is actually fairly comfortable to sit in, and you can easily rest your legs on the sides. If you’re a more aggressive paddler, you might also find use in the foot rest. The design has no separate inner chambers, which means that you won’t have to deal with trapped water between the layers. If you want to store gear in the snout, there is a 24” long zipper, and it also gives you access to the foot brace.


               Given that this is a tandem kayak, it paddles well, tracks very smoothly and doesn’t have any issues. The deck lifts raise the hood, giving a bit more foot clearance than other inflatables. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re paddling this kayak by yourself, some added weight in the front will give you a severe performance increase. If you’re using it as a tandem, the taller paddler will have more room if he or she sits in the front seat, due to the construction of the kayak. You might want to keep in mind that the seats are made of thin foam, and have a low back against the aluminum bar, which might become a problem of comfort over time. To solve this, you can loosen up the back seat strap and tighten the side straps, which will move the seat forward. The storage, both front and back, has plenty of room for all of your gear, and the weight limit of 400 pounds should be sufficient for a touring tandem.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, what you can conclude from the Innova Swing II inflatable kayak is that it’s an amazing option for tandem travelers. It’s rugged and nature-proof, especially with the closed cockpit design, yet it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in your vehicle or home. You can also easily backpack it into remote areas as well. It’s roomy enough for two, and the seating has more headroom than competitor products. When all is said and done, if you’re after a portable, lightweight kayak that you can setup and disassemble in a short period of time, and you appreciate the closed cockpit design, you will find that the Swing II inflatable kayak is an excellent choice.

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Solstice Traveller II Duo Kayak Review


If you’re on the lookout for a touring kayak for two people, that offers immersive comfort and doesn’t break the bank, look no further than the Solstice Traveller II Duo kayak. This is the ideal two-person inflatable kayak, with a stiff construction, as well as comfortable and durable materials that guarantee that you won’t be throwing it away anytime soon. It has three high-pressure chambers which increase performance and all together result in a stunningly sleek kayak, which is both lightweight and fast at the same time, and doesn’t disappoint. Let’s dive into the details and see why this should be your next purchase.

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Specifications of the Solstice Traveller II Duo

The Solstice Traveller II Duo kayak is made for two people. It’s an inflatable kayak with touring as its primary purpose. The design and materials used give it a sleek look, low weight, and incredible speed. It has three high-pressure chambers, as well as directional strakes. This kind of constructions is the primary reason the kayak is so rigid, as well as guarantee its high performance. Comfort is also taken care of by the adjustable seat cushions and padded backrests, which also let it convert to a one-person kayak in moments. Your gear is also kept secure with the included stainless tie-downs.

The material used is a 500 Denier 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric, which is one of the best possible materials for this purpose. The PVC is the ideal material for such purposes, as it has low resistance when you put the kayak in the water, and it is also very difficult to damage, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about getting holes on the sides of your kayak.

The kit also includes a backpack-styled carry bag, as well as a paddle and a pump and gauge. It’s extremely easy to inflate, and deflate with the included pump, and you will have it ready within minutes.

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Why The Solstice Traveller II Duo Kayak?

Given that there is a huge number of options when you’re purchasing a kayak, you might be wondering why you should go for this one. This is a 3 psi boat, and it has crossbar(s) which make it a very solid option. Even when you stop paddling, it glides extremely nicely, especially when you consider the fact that we’re talking about an inflatable kayak. It also tracks very nicely, making it easy to maneuver.

The fact that it’s an inflatable, means that it takes very little space when you’re transporting it deflated, and when inflated it has a sleek profile which both minimizes the space it takes up, and helps the speed. It is around 30” wide, which is narrower than most of the alternatives you will find on the market, but that also slightly helps the speeds this kayak can achieve.

The crossbars/seats it comes with are made with foam, and they are fairly comfortable, but the kayak has the flexibility to use inflatable seats as well. This lets you choose seats you like, and you can also put them wherever you want in the kayak, instead of being limited with the positions dictated by the back-support bars. Both at the front and back, the kayak has a rubber tracking fin which is a fairly low profile, and you can handle shallow water without worrying that you will damage it.

The only possible downside is the weight rating of only 400 pounds, which might be a problem for people who would like to travel with a lot of gear. It also doesn’t have any bungie cords, but instead has D-rings at both the bow and the stern. The low profile also unfortunately means that if there are waves, some spray might get into the kayak. Even though the kayak has a good stability, when in choppy waters you might notice a little side-to-side rocking.


 Final Thoughts

To sum things up, the Solstice Traveller II Duo kayak is a fairly decent kayak at a reasonable price. It offers a good amount of features, and the materials and constructions are made to last and survive the environments the kayak is created for. At the end of the day, you pretty much can’t go wrong with this one.

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Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor Review

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor

Kayaking is an exciting outdoor activity that’s blown up in recent years as quality kayaks and equipment become more affordable for those interested in the hobby. Often times the most overlooked piece of equipment when kayaking is the kayak itself. People tend to have issues with the size of their kayak and fitting themselves comfortably into it with a nice balance between space and tightness. A second major issue is the stability of the kayak, for some people they prefer a kayak with a little more roll potential so they have more control of their movement in faster rapids. It’s common knowledge though that for beginners and people who usually kayak to relax or fish a more stable boat will help keep you afloat. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Old Town Vapor 12XT Angler. A sturdy kayak that does a lot of things really well but that doesn’t stand out for any unique innovations. This kayak is not one of the most used for fishing but it can definitely be used as a fishing kayak.

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Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor Review features

Vapor 12XT Angler’s stability

The Vapor 12XT Angler is known for its’ stability on the water. The boat manages to be stable due to its’ length and width coming in at 12 feet long with a beam of 281/2 inches. The sit inside hull design gives the user a low seating position which helps keep the center of gravity lower adding more stability in the boat but also maneuvers the boat’s weight in such a way that you get a nice speed boost meaning this kayak can sail very quickly on rapids. A nice addition is the patented Old Town Comfort Flex seat which is very comfortable which in turn keeps the user stable by allowing them to relax instead of constantly readjusting.

Taking a look at the cargo and space options on the Vapor 12XT Angler

The comfort level of this kayak is great with a very spacious interior and a lot of modifiable systems to make it easy to use for people of all heights, and sizes. As I mentioned earlier the Comfort Flex seat is a nice addition because it helps prevent you from shifting constantly. In addition to a comfortable seat, there are adjustable foot braces that enable the kayak to accommodate different sized users. One of the surprising things about this kayak is the sheer volume of space to fit a person with an extra large cockpit opening and, like sit-on-top design kayaks, the Angler includes a molded intake well in the stern.

Shortcomings of the Vapor 12XT Angler

The only major issue I can find with the Vapor 12XT Angler is that it lacks more dry storage space for tools and equipment. Also, there’s a meager amount of outfitting available on the Vapor 12XT Angler when you buy it directly from the store. If there are specific tools or additions you need to your kayak though it’s not hard to fit aftermarket parts to the kayak but unfortunately there’s no way to solve the dry storage problem so that’s something you’ll have to be comfortable with.

Pros & Cons

Pros: alot of adjustable settings to make the user as comfortable as possible regardless of their size, the highly efficient design gives you great speed and stability, produced by Old Town one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the kayaking industry.

Cons: Lack of dry storage space with no fix, meager outfitting that has to be supported by aftermarket add-ons.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to the hobby of kayaking I’d strong recommend this boat as a great first kayak that has a very well rounded performance and as you get more comfortable kayaking and want to experiment with no attachments or fishing you’ll always have the option to throw on aftermarket add-ons. If you are a more experienced kayaker looking for something fast and with good primary stability then I’d also recommend this kayak, if you’re looking to spend a lot of time on the rapids and need more storage though there are definitely better options to suit your needs. I’d say people who like to fish would benefit the most from this kayak since it has all the essential tools to be a great fishing vessel with the added benefit of plenty of standing room.

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Klickitat Two HB Inflatable Kayak Review

Klickitat Two HB Inflatable Kayak

I used to love canoeing, but I was never much of a sports person. Then a local home center store had kayaks on sale. I thought, for the price, might as well try it. I was hooked, just like that. Now that we have been kayaking quite a lot the last few years, we have decided to upgrade our cheap kayaks.  When I heard about the Klickitat, I was excited. But an inflatable kayak? I wondered just how sturdy they could really be. Then I thought about inflatable rafts. They are pretty tough. These kayaks are too.

Kayaking is so much fun and so relaxing too. It’s a virtually silent ride as it slices through calm or wavy water. One of my fondest memories is canoeing a chain of five lakes when I was at summer camp and we plan to try it next year with our kayaks. A kayak is very maneuverable to help you avoid oncoming boats or water hazards, and so it is a safe sport you can enjoy alone, with a friend, or in groups. You will enjoy this method of building upper body strength through the repetitive motion of paddling.

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Here are some Key Features:

Inflatable kayaks aren’t for everybody. However, if having a kayak that you can pack and put in your trunk or shed, with it taking up minimal amount of storage, they’re ideal for that. High-quality inflatable kayaks offer performance that is very close to that of a hard shell kayak, without the bulk and weight of transporting it. However, you will need to inflate and deflate the kayak, which might be a problem for some. Some people tend to think that inflatable kayaks are easier to damage and puncture, but if you’re going to get a higher-quality one, that won’t be an issue you’ll have to deal with, as they’re usually made of materials that have decent resistance against the elements. One of the better options if you’re after one is Aquaglide’s Klickitat Two HB inflatable kayak. It’s made of materials that last, it comes with plenty of things and you can pack it and throw it in the trunk at the end of the day. The kayak is made for two people, however you can also paddle it solo if that’s what you prefer, and that, along with the seats and construction make it an excellent all-round choice.

The Klickitat kayak comes with a backpack style carrying bag, repair kit, paddles, seats, instructions and more. It’s made of tough polyester. Really a complete setup for the beginning kayaker, but it’s stated you can use it in white water as well,

The seats include storage and fishing pole mounts. Brilliant!


You will need a pump and a military style valve adapter to pump this up. But no worries, it’s very quick to inflate. It’s recommended to use a pump with a pressure gauge to check your inflation level. Be sure to read the included instructions for best results.


  • 5 feet long and 36” wide
  • Holds 600 pounds total of passengers and cargo
  • Weighs 42 pounds

This is plenty of room for two adults and a small cooler for lunch or a dry bag for extra clothes, keys, cell phones etc. And don’t forget the first aid kit.

When we tried Klickitat, we were amazed. It’s much more stable than I expected from an inflatable and has so many great features. People often think when kayaking they could flip over and be “stuck” underwater, but that is actually impossible with this type of seat that does not close around you.

Even though it’s an inflatable kayak, the Klickitat Two HB doesn’t sacrifice any speed or stability. The material used is 600D polyester, and the hull is reinforced with Duratex heavy duty polyester as well, for better resistance. The first thing that you’ll notice when you inflate it is that the front is fairly wide and offers plenty of room for your things. And if you think that it holds lots of stuff, you’re absolutely right. The instructions that come with the kayak are pretty clear and you’ll be able to set things up in a fairly simple way. There are three chambers, all of which have military valves made for high pressure. The high-pressure floor is the key element to this kayak, and provides high rigidity and stability. The paddling is enhanced by integrating the floor and the side walls.

Speaking of the construction, you will get sturdy, molded handles that allow you to carry the kayak around with ease, as well as spray decks which help prevent water from going in by extending into the seating area. There are also fourteen cockpit drains, which allow the paddler(s) to open or close the plugs depending on the type of water. There is also a removable fin, which greatly helps tracking and will allow you to maintain your direction even if you’re not paddling, when in flatwater. The Klickitat Two HB inflatable kayak is actually made to work in a variety of environments, which is a big plus for anyone looking for a universal tool for the job. The traditional whitewater outline will make sure that you get incredible stability, as well as maneuverability and control when you’re in tough water.

Seating comfort is taken care of by the two adjustable WhiteWater seats which come with integrated storage, along with tall, ergonomically shaped backrests, and closed-cell cushions made of foam. The seats come with fishing rod holders, as well as seat straps and an adjustment system that allows you to fine-tune the cockpit to your liking. To pack everything up, you get a premium, tailored carrying bag, which fits most closets, making this an excellent option if you need to store it somewhere while you’re away.


  • Fourteen drain plugs
  • Adjustable foot rests that attach with velcro
  • Three inflation valves
  • Movable, positionable seats: This kayak fits two adults comfortably, but for those solo rides, just move one seat to where you like it. The seats even have built in fishing rod holders and a mesh storage pouch.
  • Hard and stable bottom: It is actually possible, though not recommended, to stand up in the Klickitat.
  • It weighs 42 pounds empty. Slightly more when inflated, but one problem I had with our old kayaks was the weight-I could not carry one from the truck by myself and therefore could not take solo rides.


  • It is possible to inflate this unevenly, causing it to be non-symmetrical. Read the instructions and check alignment when it is partially inflated.
  • Make sure to look at how the kayak is folded because you will need to refold it later! Could be difficult if you don’t pay attention.
  • The 42 pound weight could be a “con” for some users who would not be able to carry it to water. Perhaps a wheeled cart would be helpful.

Final Thoughts

Even though this kind of kayak definitely isn’t for everyone, you will find that Aquaglide’s Klicktat Two HB inflatable kayak is actually a very good tool for someone who requires a kayak that he can use in a variety of conditions, and throw away in the trunk when done with it. It’s ideal for two people and their gear, and you will find that it tracks amazingly well, no matter the conditions. At the end of the day, getting a high-quality inflatable kayak such as the Klickitat Two HB is an excellent alternative when you need performance close to that of a hard shell, and yet have no place to store a thing that big.

Where to buy of the Klickitat Two HB Inflatable Kayak

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