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Outdoor Tuff Stinger 3 Review

Updated On December 24, 2019

Today we have a inflatable kayak thats very portable and easy to transport and durable, we have the OutDoor Tuff 3 Stinger Sit-on top kayak. This kayak was perfect for me and my wife considering we were not the strongest group. It is very light and easy to transport and can fit into any car. It comes with a foot pump and is very easy to inflate, which is something that I really needed. I heavily use this kayak, and I never have to think about leaks or damages because this kayak is very durable. Even though, it is a inflatable kayak it is as rigid and stable as a traditional kayak.This is a sit-on top kayak, which is one of my favorite features because I am not the most flexible person and it is extremely easy to get in and out of. If I am kayaking in the lake and want to jump out for a swim; I can easily get in and out of it. The Out Door Tuff 3 Kayak, is perfect for fishing, relaxing, exploring and more! It has its pros and cons, but after taking that all into consideration the pros definitely out-weight the cons!

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Specs and Pros

The OutDoor Tuff 3, is a sit-on top kayak which is a great feature and is one of my favorite parts. It is inflatable and comes with a foot pump, which lets you inflate the kayak. It is extremely easy to transport at 25 pounds and a backpack is also included to put the inflated kayak into. Included, is a 87-inch lightweight rotatable paddle which is light and easy to paddle with. There are also great quality fins, that offer control and stability while paddling through the waters. This kayak comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which is extremely useful in the case that the kayak comes with a manufacturing defect, or some early damages which is very rare considering its durability. Its weight capacity is 275, and as stated before, 25 pounds uninflated.




Even though, the OutDoor Tuff 3 is an inflatable kayak, it is still extremely durable because of its good quality material. After heavy use of this kayak, there are no damages or leakages. This is very good, if you are looking for a kayak that you want to be able to keep for many years.


As you know, this is an inflatable kayak which is good for multiple purposes. Fist; its portability. It is easy to fit into any car because you can put it in your trunk uninflated. Second; Its light weight. Especially for me, I am not the most built person and I struggle a lot with carrying the traditional kayaks. This is 25 pounds, and easy for anybody to carry and transport.


The OutDoor Tuff 3 Stinger comes at an amazing price for what this kayak offers. It is made from extremely good quality, it is inflatable which makes it portable and is as stable and strong as a traditional kayak. It also comes with very good extra items, such as; a rotatable light weight paddle, back pack for the uninflated kayak, and more.

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As this is a inflatable kayak, its seat is uncomfortable and supplies no support. It also does not give much room, I have relatively long legs so there is not much leg room. Overall I do not feel very comfortable sitting in this kayak.


The OutDoor Tuff 3, comes with a very bland and undetailed guide/manual and is not helpful. The kayak also comes with many other useful items, which are not properly explained such as the inflation ruler.

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Final Thoughts OutDoor Tuff 3 Stinger:

Overall, this kayak was perfect for me and my family because of its price and what it has to offer. Especially that it was inflatable, and that it was easy to transport in our Toyota Venza. It is also very lightweight, so me and my wife could easily carry. It also is very durable, so we do not have to worry about purchasing another kayak in the near future. Even if it did have some problems which is very rare, we would have been able to return it with the warranty. It is also very affordable,  at a spectacular price for what the Out Door Tuff 3 has to offer.



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