Point 65 Martini Kayak Review

Point 65 Martini Kayak Review
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  • 9.5/10
    Stability - 9.5/10
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point 65 martiniLike to fish? Need a flexible, light, easy to carry, fit into any car, multi purpose and something stable for a fishing or family trip? This is the Kayak for you! This kayak is a 9.5 foot kayak and its weight capacity is 295 lb plus it weighs 45 lb.

This is a multiple piece kayak, which could come in handy if one day you want to explore the waters with a family, or one day yourself! With this kayak, you can add two extra pieces/seats to it, so you can let your whole family paddle in the same kayak! And it’s easy to put together! As fascinating as i’m making it sound, it is not just me who thinks this!

On many occasions, when I would be assembling and disassembling the kayak, strangers would pop by and start a conversation about it, and asking all about it. This was the most stable kayak I have used in my life, and this is the ONLY kayak I use. For racing? No, that is not what this boat is meant for. The boat is also VERY spacious, I also love it for fishing. You can fit all the supplies you need. Having a problem? Can’t fit the kayak in the trunk of your car! All I did was disassemble it, which took me one minute. There are pros and cons of this kayak, but the pros definitely take over the Cons.

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The main reason that got me looking and thinking about buying this kayak was its best features; the ability to disassemble the boat into pieces. With the family car (toyota VENZA) me and my wife could never find a kayak that would fit inside. We never could buy a roof rack, because it added a lot of weight to the car, which would cost a lot more gas, as it also would be a huge hassle to unload the boat off of the roof rack. After seasons and seasons passed we finally found the perfect kayak, for our price range 1000-1500 and for our availability.

Another reason we got this boat was because it was very flexible. I could easily fit all the pieces of the kayak in the back of my Toyota Venza, all I had to do was take the latch on each piece and put it in the trunk of my car! If you don’t have enough space in your trunk, you can easily put one of the pieces on another seat!

Another reason I wanted this kayak was because, as it was the family’s first kayak, was that it’s very easy for beginning kayakers. As I mentioned before, considering it is very stable and sturdy (the only time the kayak tipped over was when my daughter tried getting her plush toy she dropped in the lake!), it makes it much easier for novice kayakers to get into, and learn the ways of kayaking (as I am over exaggerating!).

I love, and recommend this boat because you can have your family, right by your side while doing your favourite hobby. This is the best boat, that gives you what it has to offer, and if I had a chance I would not have bought anything else!

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Considering all the perfections, of this boat there always has to be some imperfections. One of those imperfections is the durability. Knowing that it has the ability to attach, extra pieces or seats it wears out the kayak, putting it in and out. It also, after a little while gets lots of dents, scratches and small things like that. Because of the wide body it is definitely on the slow side, but for a recreational kayak it has an acceptable speed. This kayak, is definitely not meant to be used for anything else than recreational use. One of the reasons I did NOT want to buy this kayak was because, I have really long legs and there was not a lot of room, but of course this is only if you are tall. I also noticed, the cockpit is very small it makes you feel very snug.


Final Recommendation:

Even taking in consideration the slowness, and durability I would say this was the Kayak my family and I enjoyed the most. It’s spacious, comfortable and stable features are one of the reasons me and my family, travel to the lake and kayak every week (sometimes we go fishing) If you are a family person, new to kayaking, need a spacious kayak for fishing, need an easy to transport kayak, this is the BEST kayak for you!

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