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Emotion Temptation Kayak Review

The Emotion Temptation Kayak is durable, light, stable, and perfect for beginner kayakers. This is the perfect description of the Emotion Temptation Sit-on top kayak. I was looking to buy a kayak for the first time, for light use and to use weekly on the lake, and this boat is great for that. Another thing I love about the Temptation, is its price. At $960, it was a perfect price for me and it gave me everything I needed. For its price it has a lot to offer. I am not the strongest guy, so one of the things that got me into this kayak was the weight. For a 10-foot kayak its weight (56 lbs and supports 275 lbs) was perfect for me because I would usually go camping, or travel with this kayak, and I would need to carry it long distances over my shoulders. This meant a lot to me, considering I am not the strongest kind of guy. This was a vital reason that got me to pick the Emotion Temptation Sit-on Kayak. As a new kayaker, I loved the sit-on feature. It was extremely easy to get in and out of and this was great for me, because I would always have struggles getting in and out of kayaks or canoes. If you are a new, novice, or recreational kayaker I highly recommend it and would say this kayak is for you. It is also made with Freedom Foot Wells for secure and very comfortable foot bracing.

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Specs and Pros:


The Emotion Temptation kayak, is a sit-on kayak which makes it light and extremely flexible. It is 56 lbs, holds 275 lbs and this is extremely light for a 10 foot kayak of its kind. It comes with Ledge Lock paddle keepers on the side of the kayak, to hold the paddle when not in use. Infront of the kayak the is a Solace Hatch, if you need to store any extra gear or items. Behind the seat, there is a location with bungee cords that you could safely store your gear under, which is really useful for tools such as fishing rods which is one of the things I used it for. The kayak is made with a ST PERFORMANCE hull, which makes it obtain better tracking and stability. The kayak itself is Roto-molded from strong UV-protected linear polyethylene plastic material.


The quality of the Emotion Temptation is amazing. Not only is that is makes it last longer, it also makes the experience of travelling it better. They use amazing material for the boat itself, such as the UV-protected linear polyethylene plastic material that has been Roto-molded.


Something that matters a lot to me considering how long you would spend in the kayak is the comfortability. Adding on to the sit-on feature of the kayak, it is extremely roomy and great for the bigger and taller kayakers. It comes with CRS (Comfort Rest System)  and has a comfortable seat that has great support and offers a convenient fold down feature when needed. The back of the seat is very comfortable and cushioned, but for the bottom it is up to you. I usually just put a towel underneath for if I wanted to jump out and swim, which brings me to my next point.


Because the Emotion Temptation, is a sit-on kayak it brings on many advantages. One of the great things about the sit-on feature is that it is easy to get in and out. Kayaking in the lake, feeling hot and dry? Easy! I just jump out, and swim a little. Time to get back in? No problem. It is extremely easy to get back in without flooding it.


The Emotion Temptations quality definitely contributes in its performance. Its design makes it tracking great, which is a great quality for a long kayak trip. It also goes pretty fast, really good for a recreational kayak of its price.


One of the cons for the Emotion Temptation, is the accessibility. Considering its size and weight makes it really hard to transport. It is impossible to fit into cars, which means it is necessary to use a roof rack which is a hassle to put up and take off the kayak. It is also a 10 foot kayak, so for some people it may be hard to carry and travel around with it. Another of the few disclaimers, is that it scrapes a lot. Even though it is minor, it still counts as damage but of course is never vital. It is easy to fix, and there are many ways to fix and patch it up.

Final Thoughts:

After buying this as my first kayak, it soared over what my expectations were especially for its price. If I had a chance to go back, to pick any other kayak for the same price without thinking I would definitely chose the Emotion Temptation Sit-on Kayak.

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Emotion Glide Sport Kayak Review

Today were going to review the emotion glide sport kayak.

This kayak is built up using Polyethylene that is high in density which is used to have more durability and strength. It excels in speed, maneuverability and is a leader in easy tracking. It can work on all types of water conditions including lakes and rivers (you may need a spray skirt since its a sit in kayak). It has a comfort seating system  inside. There is a area inside the bow and stern that helps in having easy access to the gear which is secured within. It has a comfortable seating arrangement with secure foot resting areas that only add to the comfort. It is a perfect combination of stability, comfort and the design in a inexpensive product.

It is very light in weight and is small in size. Due to its special design it can easily float and one can handle it on and off of the water. It can withstand and perform its functions in any given condition. This can be seen in large lakes, bays or in slow moving rivers or creeks, etc.  Even the comfortable foot rests are placed in such a manner that it is comfortable for everyone. There is also a paddle holder which always makes sure that the paddle is secured properly when not in use.

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Why The Emotion Glide Sport Kayak

  • These kayaks are stable enough to have fun in the lakes. It keeps up its speed. Though the tracking is a little slow still one can manage to paddle efficiently. It is for people who prefer short length distance paddles rather then the endurance paddler. It has an excellent seating arrangement and has a high quality feeling. There is also a bottle holding area that is located between the legs. The kayak has two lift handles at the end which help in transporting purposes usually for two people. It has been made to be light weight so that one can handle it very conveniently. It has the best knee pads. However few of the negative comments were that the location of the bungee which is beside the seat is not fitted correctly. It is placed at a place where the paddler generally would have to strain to access.  This kayak is generally recommended for the beginners who ready to start getting into kayaking.
  • These kayaks have drain plugs in them that help in draining out the water. The Kayaks are very affordable and can be purchased even by lower earning incomes. It is a high quality product. There are two main bungees one at the front of the kayak and one at the back. Even the paddles have bungees attached to it. It has a padded seat, V shaped hull that is generally used for easy tracking, foot pegs etc. It is a perfect combination of all the quality requirements at a low cost. It is also great for people who plan to go fishing. The cockpit of the kayak is spacious enough to put poles and tackle boxes. Even after this there would be a place to move around in the cockpit.
  • Sometimes during the delivery of the product there were instances where the product delivered was damaged or not properly inspected. The company then takes back the product and exchanges it within the time period. It has a 24×7 customer support system. They attend to the queries through a call or through messages or through emails.
  • The kayak is very spacious. There is a space for storage too. One can store a bag here. While catching fish you dont need to worry about the volume of space available.


The emotion glide sport kayak is definitely one of the best budget sit in kayaks out there. It has a lot of feature for a kayak at such a low price point. Its a sturdy kayak and can be used by beginners and intermediate paddlers on a budget. We would recommend this kayak as a first step but if your graduating out of an old kayak you might want to explore a few more advanced models. If your a beginner look no further this kayaks for you!

Where to Buy The Glide Sport Kayak?

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Emotion Spitfire 8

Emotion Spitfire 8 Foot Sit on Top Kayak Review

Today we are going to be reviewing the Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak, 8 Foot Kayak. It is made up of a High volume of Polyethylene. This helps in providing strength and durability to the kayak. It has the front, rear and side carrying handles. These handles help in easy transportation. The kayak has a tank well that is used for easy storage. This tank well has cargo net lacing attached to it. It is designed in such a way that you can sit on top of it since a sit in traditional design would be too limiting with the length. It is a very user friendly kayak with a few notable features. It is generally made for people who want stability, good performance and who can afford shelling out a bit extra for such a small kayak. It has immense speed and is great for tracking purposes without compromising on the stability of the kayak. This kayak has the padded seat and tank well that is mainly found in the costliest kayaks available. The foot wells present here help in providing a secure and comfortable foot placement. To keep the inner area of the kayak dry, there is a special feature of holes which are commonly referred to as scupper plugs in the cockpit and tank well. This kayak is also known for its unique quality of having extra volume and a much higher capacity than the competition. It can be used for children as well as for small adults.

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Why The Emotion Spitfire 8?

The main recommendations and considerations to take in before buying this kayak are the following:

  1. The Emotion Spitfire Sit on Top Kayak, 8 Feet is well built and works well in water. They are available for both adults as well as for children both having the same features and quality in its design. It is also great for tracking even if the weather is windy. It is known to be very maneuverable. These kayaks though they have so many benefits you must handle them carefully when loading and unloading them for use. Since these kayaks are delivered in plastic bags they have a risk of getting damaged during transit. Though some of the merchants are generous enough to replace them immediately still you need to be careful and check the package in front of the company delivery staff to avoid complications. Inspecting the kayaks is a pre-condition before taking the delivery or signing for the delivery. A friend once ordered a kayak and quickly signed after delivery and found a huge cut in the side where obviously a loading truck had stabbed it, he had a hell of a time returning it since they wanted proof it wasn’t caused by him and since he had already signed for it the ownership was on him that the product had arrived safely.
  2. It can fit anywhere with ease. To avoid sliding you can use tarp and rubber mats. While using these kayaks you need not worry about any back problems. People can use these kayaks to enjoy sailing as well if you buy an extra sail attachment or build in your own. The seats are comfortable as well.
  3. It is very convenient and easy to use. You can easily use this even in bad weather conditions.
  4. It is also known to be very light-weight. It offers less friction and much better tracking then some of its more prominent competitors especially for a mini 8 inch kayak.
  5.  To use these, you need to know the correct way to handle them. It is very easy to launch using these kayaks in any of the different types of water conditions you can also easily haul it around because of its light weight. People who are fond of the underbrush can easily turn using these 8 footers and have fun. One can have some high end fun during sailing.
  6. The kayaks tracking has been described as just fine due to its design which helps in keeping the butt centered while sitting on the seat. It is also known to handle like a dream. It is very flexible and can be turned with ease due to its small and light in weight design.
  7. It is a kind of multi-purpose kayak which is easy and secure in its own way.
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Negative Reviews:
The Negative reviews were regarding the plugs that went missing in these kayaks. These are necessary as their absence can lead to quick over filling of water in the kayak and make it hard to paddle back due to the effected drainage.


Overall this is a great kayak for the kids and adults of a smaller size and stature. If your looking for an 8 inch kayak this

is definitely one of the best ones out there. It has the perfect amount of tracking and stability for its size and it’s a great device for the kids. If you weight over 130 pounds we suggest you upgrade to a larger sized kayak since this definitely will not be a good experience. A great product and highly recommended by us!

Where to Buy The Emotion Spitfire 8?

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emotion kayak review

Emotion Stealth Angler Kayak Review

Buying a new kayak is by no means an easy thing to do at this point. There is a huge number of companies, all with a huge number of models available, and they’re all made to suit different people. What this means for a beginner who wants to get into kayaking is that you will get lost in the sea of choices you have, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you might make a mistake. And it may be a costly one. For example, if you’re looking for a fishing kayak, you will see a huge number of models, from hard-shells to inflatables, from small ones to enormous ones, and they come with a plethora of options when we’re discussing fishing accessories.

However, every once in a while there is a specific model that offers excellent options and doesn’t break the bank, and it’s always worth taking a look at. Such an example is the Emotion Stealth Angler sit-on-top kayak, which is a great tool for any angler, and offers much more than a lot of the other kayaks in that price range. If you find yourself looking for a kayak that will take you fishing with ease, read on for the full Emotion Stealth Angler sit-on-top kayak review, and see if you should be heading to the nearest dealer for a test ride.

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So why the emotion stealth?

The Emotion Stealth comes in two configurations, one is the Temptation, and the other one is the Angler, which is what we’ll be discussing today. The difference between them is that the Angler comes with a lot of fishing perks and accessories that anglers find useful. As far as the hull design and specifications, they’re identical. The Emotion Stealth is made of roto-molded, UV-resistant polyethylene plastic. This is very lightweight material that offers some incredible impact resistance and is thus the material of choice for plenty of kayaks. It is also made with durability in mind, so you should be safe for quite a while with this kayak.

Performance is stellar, the signature ST Performance hull by Emotion delivers great speed, stability and handling, and all without, even for a minute, sacrificing comfort. It is very important that a fishing kayak is stable and comfortable, as you will spend hours in it and you don’t want to worry about it flipping over or you having pains when you get home. The Stealth Angler delivers on this, which doesn’t happen very often with kayaks in this price range. It also picks up speed quickly, you’ll be able to maneuver it with ease, and tracks very well.

Storage is taken care of by the Solace Hatch beneath the deck, as well as the large rear tankwell with a cargo net lacing. The Solace Hatch is a great way of keeping your personal items and valuables safe and dry. With all the storage places, you can take all the essentials for fishing, or even camping and multi-day trips. The Comfort Rest Seat system, along with the UltraLite padded backrest will give you more than enough comfort for extended periods of time, and the molded-in footwells give you a place to put your feet, no matter your size.

Since this is an angler kayak, you will find two flush mount, as well as one deck mount rod holder, for a total of three holders which is more than enough. The front rod holder is adjustable, and the flush mount holders are made for transport. The storage options are placed in strategic positions so you can put a tackle box on the bow, and any extra gear in the back. All in all, in this price range, you will have difficulties finding anything better.


At the end of the day, there’s not many things that you won’t like with the Emotion Stealth Angler sit-on-top kayak. It’s a great tool for the job, and it offers more than any other kayak in its price range, making it a very popular option for a variety of environments. It won’t make a dent in your budget either, so if you’re on the edge of buying it – do it, you won’t regret it.

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Emotion Guster Kayak Review

While certain people, when shopping for a kayak, look for something that comes with a lot of accessories, is made up of premium materials, weighs no more than a pound etc., there are also some that don’t actually need, nor want those things. They’re after a simple, well-made kayak that they can carry around and paddle with ease, and will give them enough storage space for the essentials, while remaining light enough for maneuverability. These people are usually either novice paddlers, or intermediate ones, and they know what they need, and know what they won’t use and would only be an extra thing to carry around. If you’re one of those people, you should definitely be reading the Emotion Guster kayak review, as the kayak is an excellent tool that fits those specifications, and you will get more than you thought with this well-made package.

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So why the Emotion GusterKayak Review?

The Guster is a great kayak. It’s roto-molded from UV-protected polyethylene plastic, which is highly durable and won’t fall apart from UV damage after a year or two, as is the case with some more expensive kayaks made of more premium materials. It is very sturdy too. The plastic is also very lightweight, and you can carry the kayak around by yourself with ease, and launching is also very easy. The construction comes with a “Quad-Plane” hull design, which might sound like a marketing gimmick, but is actually a very good design. It gives you exceptional tracking, while not sacrificing maneuverability or speed at all. The shallow V bottom and hard chines make it track very well when you’re paddling, and the bow will split waves with ease, you can keep your speed up without taking any water in. It will make you think you’re in a miniature sea kayak. Stability isn’t a question at all, waves might rock you a little, but trust me when I say you won’t even get close to tipping over.

Moving on to comfort, you will get an oversized and adjustable bucket-style seat, which is well-padded along with the backrest, and won’t leave you asking for more. It is actually more than enough for a fair few hours in the water, and you won’t have any pains or sores when you get back home as is the case with certain other kayak seats. The cockpit is also very spacious, and welcoming for anyone no matter their size. Getting in and out is a matter of seconds. The adjustable foot braces will give you both comfortable and secure bracing, and they’re heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about breaking them. Storage is limited to 350lbs, which should be enough for you and your essentials, as the kayak doesn’t really offer too much storage space, to be honest. You do get a shock cord strap on the rear deck, but whatever you put there will be outside and might get wet or damaged by the sun, so you should be careful with that. Carrying is also taken care of by the toggle handles both at the front and the rear of the kayak.

The only potential downside to the Emotion Guster kayak might be the looks. Sure, it won’t match the looks of an expensive kayak made of premium materials, but the price won’t match either. It isn’t sleek, nor expensive-looking, but for someone who doesn’t really care about looks and would rather get the most out of a kayak, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Final Verdict:

To be fair, this isn’t a kayak for someone who wants to go out and be seen, as the looks don’t give you that. However, for someone who wants a lightweight, portable kayak, that tracks and maneuvers well, and can keep the speed up without tipping over, you’ve come to the right place. The Emotion Guster will let you do all that, while carrying a modest amount of cargo wherever you want to go. And, at the end of the day, it is still lightweight enough for you to be able to pack it and take it back home.

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