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Emotion Guster Kayak Review

Updated On December 24, 2019

While certain people, when shopping for a kayak, look for something that comes with a lot of accessories, is made up of premium materials, weighs no more than a pound etc., there are also some that don’t actually need, nor want those things. They’re after a simple, well-made kayak that they can carry around and paddle with ease, and will give them enough storage space for the essentials, while remaining light enough for maneuverability. These people are usually either novice paddlers, or intermediate ones, and they know what they need, and know what they won’t use and would only be an extra thing to carry around. If you’re one of those people, you should definitely be reading the Emotion Guster kayak review, as the kayak is an excellent tool that fits those specifications, and you will get more than you thought with this well-made package.

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So why the Emotion GusterKayak Review?

The Guster is a great kayak. It’s roto-molded from UV-protected polyethylene plastic, which is highly durable and won’t fall apart from UV damage after a year or two, as is the case with some more expensive kayaks made of more premium materials. It is very sturdy too. The plastic is also very lightweight, and you can carry the kayak around by yourself with ease, and launching is also very easy. The construction comes with a “Quad-Plane” hull design, which might sound like a marketing gimmick, but is actually a very good design. It gives you exceptional tracking, while not sacrificing maneuverability or speed at all. The shallow V bottom and hard chines make it track very well when you’re paddling, and the bow will split waves with ease, you can keep your speed up without taking any water in. It will make you think you’re in a miniature sea kayak. Stability isn’t a question at all, waves might rock you a little, but trust me when I say you won’t even get close to tipping over.

Moving on to comfort, you will get an oversized and adjustable bucket-style seat, which is well-padded along with the backrest, and won’t leave you asking for more. It is actually more than enough for a fair few hours in the water, and you won’t have any pains or sores when you get back home as is the case with certain other kayak seats. The cockpit is also very spacious, and welcoming for anyone no matter their size. Getting in and out is a matter of seconds. The adjustable foot braces will give you both comfortable and secure bracing, and they’re heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about breaking them. Storage is limited to 350lbs, which should be enough for you and your essentials, as the kayak doesn’t really offer too much storage space, to be honest. You do get a shock cord strap on the rear deck, but whatever you put there will be outside and might get wet or damaged by the sun, so you should be careful with that. Carrying is also taken care of by the toggle handles both at the front and the rear of the kayak.

The only potential downside to the Emotion Guster kayak might be the looks. Sure, it won’t match the looks of an expensive kayak made of premium materials, but the price won’t match either. It isn’t sleek, nor expensive-looking, but for someone who doesn’t really care about looks and would rather get the most out of a kayak, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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features edge kayak

Final Verdict:

To be fair, this isn’t a kayak for someone who wants to go out and be seen, as the looks don’t give you that. However, for someone who wants a lightweight, portable kayak, that tracks and maneuvers well, and can keep the speed up without tipping over, you’ve come to the right place. The Emotion Guster will let you do all that, while carrying a modest amount of cargo wherever you want to go. And, at the end of the day, it is still lightweight enough for you to be able to pack it and take it back home.

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