About Me, Anthony Brown

Hello and welcome to my author page. Here you can find out a little about myself and why I like writing about kayaking.

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I lived the majority of my life in Canada. This is where I really got into kayaking, first kayaking on the lake in Muskoka. For those that don’t know Muskoka is an area where most people from the northern Toronto area like to take vacations and go explore the wilderness. Muskoka is an area surrounded by trees and beautiful lakes and is one of the best places to go kayaking. I first fell in love with the sport of kayaking on Muskoka Lake after I found out how relaxing it could be. As someone that works into the 9 to 5 at a corporate job, I discovered meditation but when I discovered kayaking I found that I actually felt better than meditating and as a bonus, I had the physical workout aspect of it.

lake muskoka

Flash forward to today and I have years of experience kayaking on lakes as well as on oceans as well as kayak fishing. I currently travel throughout North America and live my life as a digital nomad working on my marketing businesses. Wherever I am traveling I love to either rent or use my own kayak to explore.

My many years of experience kayaking allows you to take advantage of the skills and tools I’ve used through mastering the craft and reading multitudes of books on perfecting skills. I have owned many different kayaks in my life and continue to try new models. As I try these new models I like to review them here on the blog for our users.

If you have any questions or suggestions in which we can make this site better for you feel free to let us know in the about and contact section.

Cheers and happy kayaking!

Anthony Brown