Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Fishing Kayak Review

Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Fishing Kayak Review
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Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Fishing Kayak

What you are seeing is Wilderness Systems’ version of the hybrid canoe / kayak mold. At 12 feet long, the Wilderness Systems Commander 120 comes onto the market loaded with features and ready to fish.

Aimed towards anglers who prefer to stand and fish, the pontoon style hull provides quick response and excellent tracking. The open cockpit design also allows for ample storage room, but means that the boat is not self bailing. The Commander 120 does have its niche, though. Canoe fishermen (and women!) are going to fall in love with the boat, while kayak fishermen may take some getting used to.

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Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Angler Specs

  • Length: 12′
  • Width: 30.5″
  • Weight: 68lbs
  • Capacity: 400lbs

Commander 120 Angler Fishing Kayak Features

Recessed Captain’s Perch – When you need added visibility but do not want to stand and fish, the elevated Captain’s perch helps tremendously. A recessed area behind the seat back allows to you sit perched on top of the boat, rather than inside of it, giving you an excellent view of the area you’re in.

Freedom Elite Seating – The unique mesh material used to create the Freedom Elite seating provides excellent draining and cushioning. The seat can be folded underneath the Captain’s perch when you aren’t using it.

Dual SlideTrax Accessory System – Wilderness Systems’ new SlideTrax accessory system gives anglers an endless amount of rigging options on their boat, without having to use a drill or hacksaw. From dashboards to rod holders, fish finders, GPS units, and more, SlideTrax has you covered.

Scotty Rod Holder – Grabbing your paddle in the heat of the moment can cause you to lose fish. The included Scotty rod holder is perfect for keeping pressure on the fish while you are grabbing for a paddle.

(2) Flush Mount Rod Holders – Whether you are trolling live or crankbaits, or simply storing your rods for travel back to the launch point, the flush mounted rod holders are in a perfect locations.

SlideTrax Anchor Trolley System – Staying in the same spot is easy when you have an anchor trolley installed. Rather than allowing the wind to blow you around (this is a hybrid canoe after all!) you can drop anchor wherever you are at, and control your boats position by pulling the rope.

Trolling Motor Ready – If paddling around on the big water all day does not sound like fun to you, the Wilderness Commander 120 comes from the factory equipped to handle a trolling motor. The adequate storage space will help you keep your batteries tucked away, while the square style stern helps you attach the motor securely.

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