Trikayak XS 1 Kayak Review

Tri-Kayak XS-1
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trikayak xs1A revolutionary new kayak is expected to hit the markets this spring, bringing with it a whole new range of capabilities and features that can’t be experienced on a traditional kayak. The TriKayak XS-1, with its unique outrigger design, offers the stability, performance, and storage that many kayakers are looking for.Outriggers Reimagined.

Outriggers on kayaks and small-size watercraft are becoming ever more popular these days – as they not only provide more stability, but they offer a greater range of capabilities and functions as well. However, they are often difficult to deal with, because they add a lot of weight, they require a truck or trailer to transport, they are cumbersome and get in the way of paddling, and they often require some complicated assembly every time you go out.

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So why the Trikayak XS 1 Kayak?

The outrigger deployment system of the TriKayak XS-1 allows the user to extend or retract the boat’s outriggers to fit any situation. Each outrigger can be separately operated and locked into any one of multiple positions. Extending the outriggers provides greater stability, while retracting them allows for greater maneuverability.
Moreover, the outriggers were designed to slice through the water and reduce drag; and are carefully positioned not to obstruct paddling. For easy transportation, the outrigger arms can be quickly detached. The arms are made of lightweight aluminum and are attached to high-strength stainless steel brackets that are built to last and will never rust.
The stability of the outriggers takes the hassle out of launching, whether it’d be from a shoreline or a dock – getting in and out of the cockpit is a breeze. Also, with the added stability, you can stand while fishing, or even stand-up and paddle – much like you would on a stand-up paddleboard.Features
This boat is great for all types of outdoor enthusiasts – it’s fast, comfortable, and packed with features. The company’s founder, Jim Reynolds, teamed up with a group of industrial designers at Laut Design to build a kayak that not only performs well on the water, but also comes with plenty features.
“A big feature that people will really enjoy is the storage” says Mike Laut, president of Laut Design. “It hasn’t really existed the way it should have in kayaks we’ve seen.” The TriKayak’s storage includes a 13 liter compartment in the bow, two dry storage compartments within arm’s reach of the cockpit seat, and a large open storage area in the back.

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Features Summary

  • Outriggers give a stable platform allowing for a more comfortable raised seating position and a unique hull design that provides minimal resistance.
  • Open cockpit give extended trip enjoyment.
  • Dry storage hatches on every side of cockpit, covered storage up front- large open storage aft.
  • Cockpit dashboard used in mounting electronics.
  • Engineered for various after market changes including; eye hooks, camera mounts, fishing rod holders, trolling motor, 35 amp hour battery, and more.

The cockpit area includes mounting areas for fishing rod holders, GPS devices, fish finders, cell phones, and just about any other kayaking accessory you can think of. The cockpit floor is flat to allow you to easily stand while the outriggers are deployed.
The Tri-Kayak XS-1 is great for heading out on for a great day on the water. If you enjoy snorkeling or just want to go for a swim – you can easily get back into the boat without tipping it over. Also included is a mounting area for your trolling motor and a battery tray with tie-down brackets to secure your battery.
The hull of the TriKayak is v-shaped, which makes for easier paddling and better tracking than the flatter hulls found on most recreational kayaks. The downside of a typical v-shaped hull is the inherent instability that comes with it, but this is cleverly addressed with the balanced outrigger design of the TriKayak XS-1.

Final Verdict:

An overall great kayak with a very interesting concept, if your a early adopter this would be right in your alleyway, why not try it and see if its what your looking for!

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