Paddle Wax (Get Excited)

paddle waxLinkage with the paddle is a critical component of performance and safety. Control of the paddle is often lost when grip strength decreases as the paddler fatigues and water lowers the coefficient of friction between the hand and smooth paddle shaft.

Element Expeditions Paddle Wax displaces water between the hand and grip area and significantly increases adhesion to the paddle; the water displacement and improved friction permits lower grip pressure to combat fatigue and reduces paddle rotation and longitudinal hand displacement on the shaft.

By improving grip and reducing fatigue Element Expeditions Wax formulas improve linkage with the paddle, increasing both performance and safety.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply wax to paddle shaft grip area (wet or dry). Allow wax to build up/thicken to permit fingers to index into wax. Reapply often as wax thins.

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