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Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Updated On May 8, 2020


high performance great features

  • Price = 5/5
  • Design = 5/5
  • Stability = 5/5
  • Features = 4/5
  • Quality = 5/5

If a fishing kayak that can do almost anything is just what you’ve been looking for (including taking out half the family)! Look no further because this Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review may well have the answer you’re looking for.


Lifetime is a company that has been around for decades providing a variety of products. Kayaks were added to their arsenal through acquiring assets from a company in 2010 followed by yet another popular kayak company a year later. Lifetime has become one of the largest kayak companies in the world. All of their kayaks are blow molded and are especially popular among beginners and casual riders. This Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review will prove that these kayaks are perfect for all experience levels.

5 Features that Set This Model Apart

  1.  Ability to hold four fishing poles.
  2. Capacity to carry three people comfortably.
  3. Stability that allows for sitting forward, backward or sideways.
  4. Option to stand up confidently without capsizing.
  5. Includes two seat backs, two paddles and extra scupper plugs, turning this into a virtually complete system.


At 10 feet long, 3 feet wide and weighing in at over 60 pounds, this kayak is not designed to be a speedboat. Speed depends on the number of passengers that are actively paddling. Whether it is one or more, this kayak will come up to speed after a few short paddle strokes. But this is fishing, not catching so slow down and don’t scare the fish.


These are features that this kayak is designed for. This fishing kayak is 3 feet wide with a tunnel hull that drafts 6 inches and can hold up to 500 pounds. This is among the most stable of kayaks, providing excellent tracking and easy maneuverability. You can stand up, sit sideways, sit backwards and load up on gear with complete peace of mind. This kayak is for the owner who wants to be able to fish how they want without having to worry about the design limitations of their watercraft.


Items can be stored in the available ditty trays, 6 inch rear storage hatch or with included shock-cord straps.


This is an excellent fishing kayak that is virtually a fishing boat. Being able to function with 500 pounds on board and with a potential persons is an excellent feature to own. This kayak is versatile and can be used for activities other than fishing. A day on the lake with the kids, a peaceful cruise with your spouse or a camping trip down a calm river with your buddies can all be easily done with this kayak. Catching some fish for dinner is just one of the bonuses.


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Lifetime Kayaks Official Website

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