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Kayaking Books

Updated On February 11, 2021

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Best Kayaking Books Reviewed

When you create a list like this you start thinking about how to separate the different books  and what rating criteria to put them on top of thankfully some of the work has already been done because there is a plethora of reviews available for each of these books on the web so we have rated them dependent on their current reviews and also dependent on my personal opinion as a season kayak veteran if you don’t agree with any of my positioning’s  feel free to email me and we can discuss lowering or raising one of the suggestions. The books will be ordered in the following manner…the sections will include:
1. adventure kayak books which will deal with books about kayakers doing their thing  going through adventures and exploring.
2.  How to books explaining how to do different techniques and how to kayak for beginners
3. Fishing kayak books these will be books about different lures different techniques for fishing and different fishing  stories.

Adventure kayak books

This is a compilation of different books dealing with different kayakers have gone above and beyond. Some of these kayakers have traveled distances and gone to places we can only imagine. When we read books like these about these kayakers it opens up our imagination  and shows us what is really possible within our sport and physically within ourselves.

Fearless, One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent

One of the greatest kayaking books out there when you think of Australia  you definitely think of the outback and its dangers where something can be lurking on any corner this book gives you another sense of what it’s like  to be in the geography and environments but this book is so much more than just being a kayaking book becomes a tale of present appearance and hearts highly recommended.

Canoeing with the Cree

A couple of high school graduates launch a second-hand 18-foot canoe into the Minnesota River. Four months later, with no radio, maps or a good motor, they arrive in York Factory on Hudson Bay. This book will guide you through their youthful journey.

Sea Kayaker’s Deep Trouble & Sea Kayaker’s More Deep Trouble

A pair of books that have 49 stories between them, all real-life situations that will have you on the edge of your seat. You will find out about the dangers and risks of kayaking, and you will also learn some valuable lessons.

Never Turn Back: The Life of Whitewater Pioneer Walt Blackadar

This is the life story of Dr. Walt Blackadar, the physician from a small town in Idaho. The book will tell you all about the journey through the treacherous rapids of the Turnback Canyon, a trip that he undertook at the age of 49, an age when many athletes are already long retired.

Running the Amazon

An excellent book that describes a 6-month, 4,200 miles long journey through the world’s longest river. Filled with death-defying situations, the book will show you the journey from the Peruvian Andes to the Atlantic, through the eyes of Joe Kane.

Why Do All the Locals Think We’re Crazy?: Three Men, Three Kayaks, the Caribbean, and One Bad Idea

Tells a great story about determination and friendship. Three firemen decide to step out of their comfort zones, and go to great lengths, on a trip full of twists, setbacks and obstacles. The book is an amazing depiction of the trip, from the start where they construct their own kayaks, until the very end.

Courting the Diamond Sow: Kayaking Tibet’s Forbidden Tsangpo River

A dramatic expedition account, which tells a story that unveils in one of the most beautiful remote regions in the world. It maintains two stories, the one of the support team, and the one of the paddlers, and it combines them into one, very powerful narrative.

On Celtic Tides: One Man’s Journey Around Ireland by Sea Kayak

A seasoned kayaker undertakes a 1200-mile trek from Dublin to Dublin. The book will give you a sense of the ocean’s power, and you will feel that the beauty and majesty of the island move the author. It is, in short, the story of a kayaker in his peak form who battles with both the caresses and blows of nature.

The Dangerous River: Adventure on the Nahanni

An excellent display of R.M. Patterson’s observation and sharp wit, “Adventure on the Nahanni” will lead you through an entire year the author spent in the wild waters along the Nahanni River, in Canada. Prepare for a trip down the challenging and treacherous waters.

Southern Exposure: A Solo Sea Kayaking Journey Around New Zealand’s South Island

Chris Buff is back at it again, as he takes you on a journey in the cockpit of his kayak, letting you feel the beauty and power of the South Pacific Ocean, and the energy of the Tasman sea. The astonishingly well-written narrative will give you a depiction that will show you the true power of the sea, through the eyes of a man who sees it as his master.

Keep Australia On Your Left: A True Story of an Attempt to Circumnavigate Australia by Kayak

What seemed like a perfectly good idea while planning, turns out to be a challenging experience as Eric Stiller leads you through his journey as he and Tony Brown attempt to circumnavigate the entire Australia. A book written to show you the trip from the paddler’s eyes, you will feel like the ocean’s in your room.

Birthplace of the Winds: Storming Alaska’s Islands of Fire and Ice

Ice is an amazing chronicle of the battle of a man versus the elements, a struggle that is both timeless and immediate, and shows you great risks which lead to great rewards. You can almost feel the adrenaline rush of facing nature at her roughest.

Where Rivers Run: A 6,000-Mile Exploration of Canada by Canoe

An amazing story of a recently married couple, who set out to fulfill their mutual dream of getting from sea to sea, in nothing more than a canoe. Facing some of Canada’s most treacherous rivers, they discover a light of Canada that only a few could ever see.

The Lonely Land

A book that shows you the experiences of Olson, a naturalist of the 50’s and 60’s, and five of his friends, as they take their canoes down the Churchhill River in 1960. Both the setting and journey give you an immersive experience, and show you enough to shake up the imagination of anyone.

Paddle to the Arctic

Go on a journey from Churchill, Manitoba, to Tuktoyaktuk, a journey that took Don Starkell three Arctic summers. A compelling book that presents you his determination to complete his goal, even though his supplies are running out and the ocean is freezing.

Alone at Sea

Hannes Lindemann’s story takes you through two passages across the Atlantic, as his adventurous spirit provides an extremely compelling way to tell you his stories. An extremely inspiring book, you will be asking for more when it ends.

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