Jackson Coosa HD Kayak Review

Jackson Coosa HD Kayak Review
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jackson coosa hdThere are two things I find to be an absolute when kayak fishing. One is an excellent fishing spot and the other a dependable kayak that does a little more than merely get me there and back. I was pleasantly surprised when first trying the Jackson Coosa HD Kayak. The wider stance made it easier to set my gear and climb on board. The ease at staying stable, even in fast-paced waters made fishing and navigation less of a challenge.

The Coosa HD allows you to do more than just using the boat for an afternoon of fishing. I have been able to go out for a week at a time comfortably. It takes most of the work out of getting access to my favorite fishing spots. It glides silently through the water. I have taken the time to break down the essentials of what I feel is both good and bad about this kayak.

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Here are a few of the pros:

Excellent Tracking and Response

The most memorable and successful fishing days involve the coming together of many factors, such as weather, time of the day, lack of noise, reduced boat traffic and getting to the right location. I may not be able to control many of these, but the Jackson Coosa HD Kayak kept me heading in the right direction. The tracking is not perfect, but correcting is easy. The calmer waters of lakes and ponds seem to provide smoother gliding surface, although it does well in a river environment.

Most Comfortable Ride Ever In a Kayak

The seat is well-padded and offers a lot of comfort for long hours of waiting to land your big catch. I weigh approximately 170 pounds and found the seat to have ample room. I’m not sure how it would feel to someone that is over 200 lbs, but I cannot imagine there would be any discomfort. I have spent over 16 hours in the seat and suffered no sensations of muscle exhaustion, or fatigue.

Width and Stability

The Jackson Coosa HD Kayak is a little wider than the original Coosa. I feel there is a slight loss of speed as a result of this design, but the trade-off is huge for those that love to kayak fish. You get increased stability while in motion. Climbing in and out of the kayak is easier with a wider frame. Staying still and lingering that way is much more comfortable while in the calm waters. The compromise on speed is minimal when taking the Coosa HD out into the rougher, faster waters. All of the enjoyment of paddling can be had with a more durable kayak than I’ve experienced in the past. This is the perfect kayak for those new to the sport.

Stand-Up Capabilities

Standing when fishing is a necessity. No matter what boat is used, there are times that standing is required. Casting, reeling the big catch in and stretching leg muscles are all a part of a successful and enjoyable fishing excursion. The Jackson Coosa HD Kayak is stable enough to allow for standing, even in lightly turbulent water. You can make quick adjustments to gear, recast the line, or add a new prized catch to your take-home stash without worries of dumping everything over.

Durable Kayak

I go fishing occasionally with my friends. These are the times I am glad to have the extra durability of the Coosa HD. They love to fish in rugged natural spots. This means I am greeting a lot of rough terrain and rocks. I never fear holes or scraping tears in the material. This is one tough hombre when it comes to taking a beating.

Gear Storage

I am amazed at how much gear I can stow on the Coosa HD. I am only limited by the amount of things I want to carry. You have areas to stash items to keep them dry, A cooler and equipment deck to secure your trip essentials and I can easily put my depth finder in place beside my GPS. I can bring plenty to drink, have my directions at the ready and know how much water is below me at any given moment.

River, Lake and Pond Worthy Fishing Tool

I have honestly come to appreciate my Jackson Coosa HD Kayak as much as my best fishing rod when it comes to my moments of solitude on the pond, lake or rivers. I would not be able to visit some of my favorite areas as stealth as I do without the assistance of the kayak. There is never a time it requires an engine, which gives me the opportunity to come and go from these areas in silence. Less noise equals more fish. There are a couple of spots I enjoy that can only be accessed by hitting the river first. This is when I am glad to be at the helm of one of the most durable kayaks made.

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Here are a few of the cons:


You will develop great muscle tone if you go out enough in the Jackson Coosa HD Kayak. You are packing roughly 85 pounds to and from the water. This was the only complaint I had, but it quickly disappeared after experiencing the comfort level of the seat. It takes two trips to pack down the kayak and gear. What I did was stow the gear under some brush and brought the kayak down last when fishing by myself. That seemed the most sensible route. I reversed the process to head back home.

Slow Turns

This kayak is a bit sluggish making turns when fully loaded with pilot and fishing gear. You have to get a sense for when to start turning, but the response is good overall.

The Jackson Coosa HD Kayak is the perfect boat for the serious fisherman that wants to get away from the noise and drift of the traditional bass boat. There is plenty of room and stability to make the trip enjoyable and prosperous. You can pack light fora day-trip, or take along a tent and sleeping bag to make it a weekend adventure. One thing is for sure, it will start a trend with your friends. Everyone will want to experience the feelings of freedom you brag about after returning from even a short afternoon out on the lake, pond, or river.

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