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Future Beach Angler 160 Review

Updated On May 8, 2020


high performance great features

  • Price = 5/5
  • Design = 4.8/5
  • Stability = 5/5
  • Features = 5/5
  • Quality = 5/5

Future Beach is a company that started out as a family-ran business which made kayaks for local anglers. However, what started as a small company, gained quite a reputation, especially among outsiders who looked for a kayak that would allow them to hunt ducks and geese during the colder periods, and especially in cold climates. This requirement led Future Beach to design and produce the Angler 160. This Future Beach sit-on-top fishing kayak is designed for anglers who want the possibility of having a fishing kayak that they can disguise by putting a duck blind over it. The kayak comes with a single-person design and quite a few fishing perks and accessories, making it the perfect tool for any kayaker who wants to go out fishing. You will find that the Future Beach Angler 160 actually gives you quite a lot of kayak, while keeping a decent price for all the things you get. Read on for the full review which should let you know if you should be adding it to your adventure shopping basket.

So why the Ocean Kayak Caper Angler?

Specifications and description of the Future Beach Angler 160

  • The kayak is around 10 feet long, and weighs 46 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.
  • An 18” x 42” self-bailing cockpit is pretty spacious
  • 12” x 20” storage hatch for your essentials
  • Padded seat back on the molded seat
  • An open-deck bungee stern well which holds a 5-gallon bucket
  • A multi-channel hull
  • Flush mounted rod holders

The Future Beach Angler 160 is actually a very well-made kayak. It is roto-molded and has a Dihedral hull which gives you plenty of stability and tracking. The choice of materials guarantee a lightweight kayak, as well as a hull that will offer plenty of impact resistance while staying sturdy and precise when you’re paddling. The design of the hull will guarantee that you get a kayak that is easy to launch, picks up speed with ease, and then maintains it without you having to struggle a lot. This is important, especially for an angler kayak, given that you will need to save as much strength as possible for your fishing experience, and then you need to get back home. Maneuverability is also excellent, and you won’t have any issues getting around any obstacles or making tight turns.

When we’re discussing the fishing experience, you should know that this kayak was made with two purposes in mind. First of all, it is a fishing kayak. The two flush mount rod holders, as well as the storage options, more specifically the dry hatch and the large stern well with a bungee cord, are an ideal combination for any angler. You can go fishing and take all of your gear with you, and you will still have room for it all.

As far as comfort and practicality are concerned, the Future Beach sit-on-top fishing kayak has plenty of both. There is a padded seat with an adjustable seat back, and the cockpit is roomy enough to let you get in and out of it with ease. While we’re at the cockpit, it is a self-bailing cockpit, which means that you’re more likely to stay completely dry while you’re out, which can be very important, especially in colder climates.

Pros and cons

               The kayak comes with quite a few positives, and what people like the most about this kayak is the stability and maneuverability of it. They also like the fact that the hull is made so you can fish in shallow water, without worrying that you might damage it, as well as the asking price, which isn’t much when you consider all the things you get.

As far as the downsides are concerned, you will find that the kayak might be a tad difficult to get into if you’re a less flexible person, and the size might not suit anyone and everyone.


future beach kayak

Final thoughts

               The Future Beach Angler 160 is a great tool, and the price is less than what other competitive makers would ask if they were to offer these specifications. However, the kayak is made to last for years, and serve you well for as much as you need it to.

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About the author 

Andrew Bell

Andrew is a seasoned kayaker with 15 years of experience under his belt. He began kayaking as a way to reduce work stress but quickly became an avid kayak fisher and lure expert. He currently enjoys both lake and ocean kayaking and loves to write and share his experiences.

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