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Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 11 Kayak Review

Updated On March 3, 2021

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high performance great features

  • Price = 4/5
  • Design = 4/5
  • Stability = 4/5
  • Features = 4/5
  • Quality = 4/5
Recreational kayaks are a beautiful thing, they can provide plenty of fun and give you hours of exercise you will enjoy. However, trying to decide which one to buy, especially if you’re a novice paddler and don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge, can be tricky. There are plenty of kayaks to choose from, and not all of them are worth the asking price, maybe due to the materials used, or the performance of the final product, or maybe because they don’t have enough accessories for your needs. There are, though, kayaks that are the complete opposite of what you just read: they’re made of high-quality materials, they offer decent performance, and come with features that will complement your adventure and you won’t find them on cheaper kayaks. A perfect example of this is the Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 11.0 kayak. It is a sturdy recreational kayak that is exceptionally well made and comes with features only found on kayaks that are way beyond the Zydeco’s asking price. Read on for the complete Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 11.0 kayak review, and decide whether you should be buying it.

So why the Dagger Zydeco 11?

As said previously, this kayak is an excellent piece of gear for a fairly decent price. It comes with a sturdy polyethylene construction, which is both relatively lightweight and offers good performance. You also don’t have to worry about durability, the construction and materials used have you covered. You can load it and launch with ease and no additional help. This is great because it is a solo kayak and you might not have help at all times.

Performance is stellar. Given its size, the Zydeco 11.0 tracks very well, although maybe not as good as kayaks that are 12’ and larger. This may be important, especially for novice paddlers, because with this kayak’s tracking, you won’t have to paddle as hard to maintain the direction, as the kayak will maintain its line. You will notice that it feels effortless. Due to the construction, maintaining speed is not a problem at all, and you won’t struggle to achieve it either. Keep in mind, though, that this boat is primarily for flat water, such as ponds and lakes, and maybe smaller rapids, but pointing it at anything rougher than that might result in water getting in and you won’t have a good time.

Storage is taken care of, mostly by the stern hatch and bulkhead, which give you more than enough for all your essentials. The stern hatch will also keep whatever you store inside dry, which can be an important thing if you’re out for extended periods. The soft foam seat is also great, and you can go out and stay out for hours, without any problems when you come back.


• 11ft length is ideal for not making the kayak too big, yet it being big enough to not lose performance, especially in terms of efficient cruising, quick acceleration, as well as responsiveness, and maneuverability.
• Construction is made of polyethylene, which ensures smooth gliding and excellent durability
• The seat is made of soft foam, and comes with a height-adjustable backrest, along with thigh pads and leg lifters for ultimate adjustability and comfort
• The Zydeco 11.0’s cockpit is big enough for large paddlers to enter with ease, and the sliding footpegs lock-in for even more convenience and adjustability
• The stern hatch gives you a dry storage area for the essentials, and the bungee cords on the deck will give you even more storage space.

Final Verdict:

When you consider everything said in the Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 11.0 kayak review above, you will see that finding a kayak that offers this much, both in terms of price and performance, is a tricky thing. The Zydeco 11.0 is actually the bigger brother of the Zydeco 9.0, which was well known for its edging and turning ability. The 11.0 adds two more feet in length for a speed boost while maintaining maneuverability. All in all, it’s a lot of kayak for the price, and you will struggle to find anything better.

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