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Best Kayak Blog Awards

Updated On February 11, 2021

kayak blog award imageEvery year we put together a list of our favorite blogs, the following are the best blogs from the editors of kayakerguide 2017:


  1. vankayak.com is a kayaking blog ran by Adam van Koeverden. He’s a Canadian sprint kayaker, and he primarily uses his blog to document his travels and experiences all around the world. He also writes about previous experiences as well as his personal opinions on some things.

2. kayakfishingblog.com is a great place where you can find plenty of information, from kayaks and accessories, to instructions on how to do certain things, as well as gear reviews and other news from the world of kayaking.

3. escapetothewater.com can be used for plenty of things. The blog has everything, from kayaks and gear reviews, to destinations you should visit all around the world, to news and advices for beginner paddlers so they can step up their game.

4. http://www.austinkayak.com/blog is another all-round blog which focuses on more than one thing. You will find tips and advices on kayaking, as well as other adventure sports, and there’s plenty of things to read here, everything from gear you can use, to advices and experiences from the writers of the blog.

5. http://www.wernerpaddles.com/blog is the blog of Werner Paddles, a company that produces various whitewater and touring kayak paddles. You can find plenty of reviews and experiences on their products here, as well as news and information on events, along with experiences by the writers of the blog.

6. http://www.ilovepaddling.com is the official blog of the canoeing.com website, which offers plenty of guides for canoeing and paddlesports. The blog is very well-written, with content that has everything from information about kayaking and canoeing, to gear reviews, events that have happened and are going to happen in the future, and places you should visit.

7. http://www.kayakquixotica.com/blog/ is a blog ran by Derrick Mayoleth, who is an avid kayaker with a love for traveling, and also works as a kayaking coach. On his blog you can find experiences from plenty of places he has visited, as well as his opinions on a variety of things, such as kayak coaching. The blog has been online since 2004, and you can be sure you’re reading the words of an experienced paddler.

8. http://www.adventurekayak.com.au/blog/ is the blog of Adventure Kayaking, SA. Their blog focuses on experiences and events they have visited, and even though they don’t post very often, their blog is well worth following.

9. https://kokatat.com/blog is Kokatat’s official blog. Kokatat is a paddle sports apparel and gear maker from Arcata, CA. On the blog you will find documented adventures by the team, as well as a number of detailed how-tos which can help you whether you’re a beginner or an advanced paddler.

10. http://livingadventure.com/blog/ can be your resource for everything from events, news, information on kayaks, as well as tips and tricks on kayaking coaching and safety. It is the blog of LivingAdventure Inc., which is a tour company that operates on the Great Lakes and Midwest.

11. http://www.pygmyboats.com/blog/ is an excellent resource as far as kayaking gear goes. Pygmy Boats have been in the business for over 30 years, and they’re well versed in stitch and glue kayak kits. On the blog you can find reviews on plenty of gear if that kind of kayaks is what you’re into, and if you’re not, you can read through it, it might get you interested.

12. http://www.clockwisekayak.com will give you a detailed insight of a trip that goes clockwise around the UK, by sea kayak. It covers roughly 2200 miles, and only a few have completed this circle. The writer of this blog, Axel, has, and even though the blog is a bit old, it is a must-read for any adventurer.

13. https://www.ireneskayakingblog.com started out as an attempt to introduce the world to a number of whitewater kayaking trips around Seattle, that used to sit around on Irene’s hard drive. It’s now a blog that has a lot of guest posters, and contains a variety of content.

14. http://www.goseakayakblog.com/ is a record of the personal adventures of Taran Tyla, an adventurer who has an exciting kayaking lifestyle. It also gives you a glimpse of what you could expect if you want to join her on any of her trips.

15. http://qajaqrolls.com/blog is a personal blog ran by Christopher Crowhurst. He’s a paddler from Minnesota who’s obsessed with paddling, and you will find a number of adventures as well as kayak tips and guides on his blog. Definitely worth checking out!

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