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Sun Dolphin Bali 6 Review

Updated On December 24, 2019

I am a 300 pound 6 foot 5 male and this kayak is perf….just kidding! I am actually a smaller 5 foot 5 female i weight about 125 and I bought two of these sun dolphin balis one for myself and one for my daughter. This kayak was great for calm waters at our family cottage and we had a great time paddling around and enjoying the outdoors. This obviously is not an expert kayak this is a product for you to have a fun day out with and not take too seriously. I had a great weekend with the daughter the last time we took this out.

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So why the Sun Dolphin Bali 6?

I can definately say that my primary concern of this kayak was tipping over or being really unstable. I can now say that is not a concern the kayak is very stable when you sit or stand in it and holds itself together without falling over which as I mentioned was my primary concern here. The seat area is actually really deep so you may find that you dont even need a seat back and can get away with just sitting inside on plastic.

The kayak due to its small size is super easy to store. It fit perfectly in the back of my truck without any extra cables or lifts we just toss it in there and dont bother securing it with anything more than a few peices of fabric and a tire we have back there and off to the cottage.

We have had other six inch kayaks before and are surprised by the higher weight limit on this one which definately is a testiment to the quality, my husband jokingly tried to get in it and it did support his weight although he did look a tad out of place! The recommended weight limit is 140 lbs and I dont think i would venture over that to avoid any risk of taking on too much water or tipping over.

It actually tracks pretty well for the size and expectations , it weighs a bit more than other cheaper models but thats a good thing when you think of the materials used, for a kayak you may want something sturdier although there are harder light weight material options avialable such as for inflatable kayaks.

The material is said to be uv resistant which is great since we leave these outside for the majority of the year its good to know that the sun will not melt any holes into it the next time we come down.

Now the kids review from my daughter:

“I love this kayak, its lots of fun and I love when we take it out on the lake :)”

Features Of The Sun Dolphin Bali 6

sun dolphin bali 6 specifications
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Pros and Cons of the Sun Dolphin Bali 6


  • Great material
  • cost effective
  • stable
  • tracks well for size
  • Paddle is included


  • paddle isn’t the best of quality

Final Verdict:

If your looking for a small 6 foot kayak I dont think you can do better the the bali 6. This is a great kayak for young childre under 10 I would say is the prime age. My kids had a great time with this and anyone that comes to our cottage and borrows it or sees it is impressed with how cool and fun these little kayaks are.

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Sun Dolphin Official Website

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