Heritage Kayaks Redfish 12 Fishing Kayak Review

Heritage Kayaks Redfish 12 Fishing Kayak Review
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Heritage Kayaks Redfish 12 Fishing Kayak

Heritage Kayaks Redfish 12 Fishing Kayak

The Heritage kayaks Redfish 12 is great for both beginner and novice kayak angler. It provides great

stability, and a dry design to keep you comfortable the entire day. The seating is waterproof and breathable which prevents common “swamp butt” problems.

The Redfish 12 is sufficient in open waters and where large boat wakes are present, but does much better in smaller waters where you are protected from waves and the wind.Handling on the Redfish 12 is good, but if you want to improve the tracking and hull speed, an optional rudder is recommended. It has great stability, allowing you to drift your legs over the side of the boat.

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Heritage Redfish 12 Specifications

  • Length: 12’3″
  • Width: 30″
  • Weight: 61lbs
  • Capacity: 350lbs

Heritage Kayaks Redfish 12 Angler Features

  • DVC Seating System
  • Large Bow Hatch
  • (2) Flush Mount Rod Holders
  • Scotty Style Rod Holder
  • Anchor System
  • Paddle Holder
  • Rudder Ready

There is both an angler version and the standard version.

Up front there is a dry storage compartment that goes right through the boat to the end. You can put your paddles fishing rods and other accessories within there.

There are four scupper holes at the front that come with the plugs. There are adjustable foot pedals that are easy to use.

There are straps on both sides of the kayak that are very sturdy and comfortable to move.

The seat is pretty comfortable it straps to the back fairly easily and is adjustable, and if you put a tie strap over the seat straps that would be ideal so they don’t hang over in the water.

On the side there is a taco style paddle holder. There is a place to put your cellphone or keys the bucket comes it is fairly secure for dry storage, a space where you can put your crate with your rod holders, you can either use a crate or there is a cut out for a bucket that fits a bucket very well however I prefer a crate.

There is also a handle at the back as well as a drain hole as well as plenty of mounting screws at the back to put on a rudder if you like.

What We Think…

The Heritage Redfish 12 is a quality boat from end to end. A large waterproof bow hatch lets you

store gear inside of the hull. The boat comes with (2) rod holders behind the seat in a great position for storage or trolling, and a Scotty style holder in front of you for paddling while fighting a fish.

The DVC (Drains, Vents, Cushions) seating keeps you dry and helps avoid going numb from sitting in the same position too long. Scupper placement stops water from building up on the floor.

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