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Fishing Kayaks With Pedals Are Here!

Updated On April 15, 2020

More and more anglers are making their way over to using fishing kayaks with pedals rather than having to use a paddle to get around. There are quite a few benefits to using pedal powered fishing kayaks, ranging from exercising your legs, to being able to hold your rod in your hands and move around while still fighting the fish. As of this writing there are two main companies that are producing fishing kayaks with pedals that I will cover. Over time there will be more, and more manufacturers coming out with their own models and I’ll update the article as they come onto the market. Until then, check out the offerings from Hobie Cat and Native Watercraft.

Hobie Cat Company – Hobie Pedal Fishing Kayaks

The models of fishing kayaks listed below are designed specifically for fishing. While Hobie Cat does offer other pedal powered kayaks, they are either not specifically designed with anglers in mind, or they are of the inflatable design which is not a good option for anglers. The more popular Hobie pedal powered fishing kayaks are included to help you get an idea of what models to keep an eye out for.

Mirage Pro Angler

The Mirage Pro Angler is considered more of a “kayboat” than a fishing kayak. Because of it’s length, width, and weight it is easier to call it a boat than anything. Coming in at 88lbs without gear and 38” wide, this 13’8” kayak can keep you on the water comfortably throughout the day. You can easily stand and fish and then use the patented MirageDrive system to get you from spot to spot.

Mirage Sport

The Mirage Sport from Hobie is a shorter stow-and-go fishing kayak. Weighing only 48lbs, the 9’7” length features a 29.5” beam for a solid combination of stability and hull speed. This boat is perfect for smaller anglers, women, and men who want a smaller fishing kayak to get to their local honey holes.

Mirage Outback

The Mirage Outback is Hobie’s general use fishing kayak. Coming in at 12’1” long, the boat weighs 62lbs and features a 33” wide beam for incredibly stability. The length provides excellent hull speed and the built in rudder prevents you from having to make too many correcting strokes if you choose to use a paddle instead of the MirageDrive.

Mirage Revolution

The Mirage Revolution slightly longer hull length of 13’5” allows it to get up to speed quicker, and maintain your hull speed especially well because of the 28.5” width. Weighing only 58lbs, the Revolution is easy to load up for the day and is considered the “dragster” of the Hobie line of fishing kayaks.

Mirage Outfitter 

If you prefer to go out with a buddy, spouse, or a take a kid fishing with you then you want the Mirage Outfitter. The only tandem fishing kayak that is peddle powered comes in at 12’8” and features a 34” wide beam. Weighing 72lbs means that it may take a helper to load it and get it into the water for the day, but it features dual MirageDrive systems to keep pedaling smooth and easy.

Native Watercraft Pedal Fishing Kayaks

Native Watercraft brings their best selling model, the Ultimate, onto the market with their patented “Propel” drive system. As if the paddle powered Ultimate wasn’t already a true fishing machine, the Propel pedal drive system makes sure you don’t forget its name. Boasting some of the most comfortable seating on the fishing kayak market it is easy to see why Native is selling so many of their Propel powered Ultimate fishing kayaks.

Ultimate 12

The Ultimate 12 features a 12’1” length to provide incredible general use duty while the 30” wide beam and patented Tunnel Hull allows you the ability to stand and sight fish, or stretch your legs from time to time. Weighing in at 55lbs makes the Ultimate 12 easy enough for a single person to load up quickly, and get out onto the water without too many hesitations.

Ultimate 14.5

The Ultimate 14.5 features the same comfortable seating and patented Tunnel Hull that allows you to stand and fish but comes in a much smoother riding 14’7” length. The extra length does add another 10lbs to the weight, coming in at 65lbs, but greatly makes up for it in the amount of hull speed you can build up and maintain with the Propel drive system.

Ultimate 16

The Ultimate 16 is big enough to comfortably fit two anglers inside of it, coming from the factory in a tandem seating layout. It’s bow is 1” wider, coming in at 31”, than the 12 and 14.5 models, and weighs 80lbs from the factory. When you want comfortable seating for two and incredible hull speed, the Ultimate 16.5 should be your first choice.

Mariner 12.5

Native Watercraft’s Mariner 12.5 helps to bring them into the “kayboat” market. Even weighing 87lbs for the 12’6” length hull the Propel drive moves it easily through the water. It has been said that you can load everything on the boat, including the kitchen sink, and still get down to your favorite honey hole. The boat features ample storage space and a 32” beam that makes it easy to stand and fish.

More Fishing Kayaks

Still not enough for you? We have a great guide for all fishing kayaks not all of these will have pedals but maybe your looking for something larger with extra storage that a pedal kayak may not offer. Take a look at our best fishing kayak guide here.

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