NRS Pike Inflatable Kayak Review

NRS Pike Inflatable Kayak
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If you’re after a fishing kayak which will offer stability and keep you out of the water, as well as provide plenty of space for all your gear, you’re at the right place. The NRS Pike inflatable kayak is neither a touring, nor a whitewater model, but is made to offer enough space, comfort and utility for a single person and his fishing gear. It also has enough for some camping gear as well, if your trip is overnight. The kayak comes with a number of bells and whistles that are a requirement of any serious angler. If you’ve recognized yourself, and your needs thus far, read on for the full NRS Pike inflatable kayak review, and see if this should be your next investment.

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Should I buy the NRS Pike Inflatable Kayak?

This is an inflatable kayak, made for you to be able to pack it and throw it in your car on your next fishing trip, and store it within a minimal amount of space when you get back home. However, when you unpack it, you will see that even though this is an inflatable model, it almost has the rigidity and stability of a solid kayak. The NRS Pike inflatable kayak has a 12’6” length, which is the go-to length for most of the tandems available. It is designed to give a single person enough space for himself, and the entire gear he needs, and it can also accommodate a child if you want to try tandem fishing.
The floor is actually a 4” thick drop-stitch material, and it inflates flat with incredible stiffness. This is very important because if you’re fishing, you will appreciate a stiff floor. The Pike also doesn’t mind running rapids, however you should know that neither the bow nor the stern have the lift that is expected from a whitewater inflatable kayak. If you’re planning on running any kind of continuous rapids, you should be aware that even though the NRS Pike inflatable kayak is a self-bailing model, the bail holes are deliberately minimal. It won’t empty itself fast, and that might cause you problems.
The whole kayak is made of heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant PVC, and the construction promises a long-lasting durability. The seat is collapsible, and fairly comfortable, offering adjustments to fit, and you can position it wherever you deem fit in the boat. There are also 32 D-rings, made of stainless steel, that will let you rig the boat just as you like it. You will find bungee lacing in the bow, giving you a handy spot for a small cooler, dry bag, or a tackle box. For the items you want as close as possible, there are two nylon webbing daisy chains in the stern you can use as attachment points. If you have Scotty accessories, for example rod holders, or a fish finder mount, the NRS Pike offers three Scotty Mount pads. And, for dragging it into the water, or outside of it, there are two carry handles making it easy to move. The Leafield C-7 valves are of high quality, and will make sure that the inflation and deflation are easy and reliable. The kayak also comes with a fairly powerful manual pump, that will let you have it ready for the water in a fairly short time.

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Final Thoughts

The NRS Pike inflatable kayak offers a lot of kayak for its price. It has a three-year warranty, and the materials and constructions are made to outlast it by far. With the stiff floor and multitude of storage and mounting options for your fishing and/or camping gear, you will find that it is the ideal companion for your next trip. Keeping in mind that this is a kayak that is best used by a single angler, you can put two people in it but there is no guarantee that they will be comfortable, nor will you be able to fit in a lot of gear with them inside. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a high-quality kayak that you can use for fishing, that has enough room for you and your gear and won’t break the bank, look no further than the NRS Pike Inflatable Kayak.

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